Madison LeCroy Sends Ex-Boyfriend Late-Night Texts, According to Southern Charm Star

Madison LeCroy Sends Ex-Boyfriend Late-Night Texts, According to Southern Charm Star ...

Olivia Flowers made her debut on Watch What Happens Live, and the Southern Charm newbie made some bold statements about her co-star Madison LeCroy during the appearance. As fans of the Bravo show know, Season 8 has shown Flowers beginning to date Austen Kroll while her ex, LeCroy, announced her engagement to Brett Randle.

Flowers appeared on WWHL alongside Southern Charm OG Kathryn Dennis and host Andy Cohen. The two women asked if they thought Kroll had the right to be enraged that LeCroy hadnt told him about her engagement since the couple's separation several years ago. Dennis replied that she wouldnt expect anyone to tell her about her engagement until she was her closest friends, but Flowers provided some useful information.

I would think it was silly to ask her to stay out of his life and to return him, sending him late-night text messages. But she is always trying to make her presence known in his life, and im sure that has something to do with it.

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Flowers Talked About the Late-Night Text Messages in a More Detail

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Cohen persuaded Flowers to reveal further information about the apparently late-night texts she received from Bravolebrity to her ex-boyfriend, saying, "No, like the other night she sent him one," and she said, "I'll take it." She said, "You're the only one on your shade tour, she said," alright."

Dennis admitted that LeCroy has gone on a shade tour, but that she loves her co-star anyway. Flowers replied that Dennis was the only one of the two women on WWHL who loves LeCroy.

Heavy reached out to LeCroy and Kroll for a comment on the Flowers accusation.

This Season, Kroll Learned About LeCroys' Engagement During an Episode of Southern Charm

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When LeCroy announced her engagement on Amazon Live in the third episode of Southern Charm season 8, viewers saw Kroll at a barbecue with his male co-stars. The episode originally aired in July 2022, but it was actually shot back in October 2021.

On the Amazon Live, LeCroy said he was so glad for us, and that is the only person, as far as the ex goes, that meant anything to me. Kroll then shared in a confessional, Everything she does is a subtle little poke at me. In a later episode, he said, When Madison got engaged it just felt like a big, final f*** you.

Flowers hosted an oyster roast at her parents' house and invited LeCroy, stating that it was only appropriate since she had been invited to LeCroy's birthday prior to that. However, Kroll was dissatisfied to see his ex doing well with his new girlfriend and told Flowers, "No one that Im interested in will be friends with her."

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