After a fiery car crash, Hallmark Star is hospitalized in critical condition

After a fiery car crash, Hallmark Star is hospitalized in critical condition ...

Anne Heche was reportedly in serious condition after smashing into a house on Friday, according to several sources.

According to media reports, Heche was severely burned following the crash into a house.

Heche was hospitalized for severe burns and was in serious condition following the Friday car crash, according to Yahoo. Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department spoke with Fox News that the person involved in the crash was in serious condition.

TMZ has provided some photos from the scene, including a video showing Heche speeding. CBS has also shared a video, in the following tweet, showing the car speeding down a residential road.

EXCLUSIVE: A vehicle owned by actress Anne Heche is seen speeding down a Mar Vista street moments before colliding into a house and igniting a fire. The story on @CBSLA 5pm.

Rachel Kim (@CBSLARachel) on August 5, 2022

Heche was reported to be speeding before the second collision that sent her to the hospital. Both her car and the house were badly damaged by the crash, according to TMZ.

The accident occurred in the Los Angeles Mar Vista area.

After the crash, a video showed her car mangled and burned.

CBSLARachel tweeted a video of how her vehicle looked like after the collision.

Here's how a now mangled automobile owned by actress Anne Heche was towed away after speeding and colliding into a Mar Vista house and igniting a fire.

Rachel Kim (@CBSLARachel) on August 6, 2022

TMZ reported on Friday that she suffered severe burns as a result of the fire, and that she was still alive.

Anne Heche was killed after smashing a car into a fire and igniting fire

TMZ (@TMZ) will air on August 5, 2022.

According to Deadline, a vehicle was traveling east on Preston Way at a high rate of speed, crossed the T intersection at Preston Way and Walgrove Ave, ran off the road, collided with a residence in the 1700 block of Walgrove. The driver was taken to a local hospital by the LAFD.

Deadline reports that 59 firefighters took 65 minutes to extinguish the fire at the house. According to NBC Los Angeles, the owner of the property was in the backyard when the accident occurred and was not hurt.

Deadline reported that Stu Mandel of Fox 11, who was live reporting on the scene when firefighters retrieved the vehicle from the house, commented: This is going to be a miracle if somebody is alive. Then Heche was seen trying to get off the gurney, and Mandel was surprised.

Heche Has Starred in Multiple Hallmark Movies

Heche is well-known for a number of roles, including Six Days Seven Nights, Chicago PD, All Rise, Hung, Men in Trees, Everwood, Ally McBeal, and others.

She has also appeared in a number of Hallmark films. She starred in Silver Bells with Tate Donovan in 2005.

In 2014, Heche starred opposite Kevin Daniels and Carlos Gomez in One Christmas Eve.

In 2016, she starred opposite Dylan Neal in Looks Like Christmas.