Patton Oswalt Mistakenly Reveals Eternals 2 Information

Patton Oswalt Mistakenly Reveals Eternals 2 Information ...

It's an understatement to sayEternals was eagerly anticipated before it was released. This MCU epic had a cast packed with stars, as well as an Oscar-winning filmmaker behind the scenes. So when the film was released to dismal reviews, it was confusing.

The film's main characters were quickly dismissed as a minor disappointment for the MCU. The historical narrative did not hit quite like some expected it would, and the film's villains were a little underwhelming.

So, the prospect of anEternals 2 seemed hazy to many. Even though the film had some interesting new characters in its final moments (Harry Styles Starfox and Patton Oswalts Pip the Troll), as time has passed, it has feltless likely that a follow-up would ever happen. At least until now!

Patton Oswalt Lets Eternals News Slip

Patton Oswalt, an Eternalsactor on The Today Show, seemingly let slip that a sequel to Marvel StudiosEternalsis is in the works, with Chloe Zhao returning as the director.

Oswalt shared the news that there will be anEternalssequelandChloe Zhao will direct it, according to Al Roker.

The Eternals sequel has been announced, and Chloe Zhao will direct it. So we can expect there will be more adventures of Starfox and Pip.

Is Eternals 2 Actually Going to Happen?

Patton Oswalt's apparent apparent wrongdoing for Eternals 2 has made the MCU seem even more confused. That was all but confirmed when Marvel Studios unveiled their upcoming slate at San Diego Comic-Con.

So the fact that it is happening at least according to Oswalt seems a bit weird. Even more strange is the fact that he seems to thinkChloe Zhao is returning to direct after it appeared she had strained that connection during the production of the first film.

IfEternals 2 is truly released, fans may have already seen how it would fit into the schedule. Curating the Marvel Studios SDCC panel, the studio brandished a nearly empty Phase 6 slate with only two Fantastic Four films on the graphic.