Kylie Jenner Had A Rare Outing With Travis Scott And Stormi!

Kylie Jenner Had A Rare Outing With Travis Scott And Stormi! ...

Kylie Jenner's Update: We have seen a lot of celebrities enjoying their time on a perfect vacation. Whether it is related to a date night or just family time, we have perfectly seen them. Some of them have made some rare appearances in quick few days and weeks while others never fail to amaze us.

Kylie Jenner and her 31-year-old boyfriend Travis Scott were caught on a rare evening out with their four-year-old daughter Stormi on 4 August 2022 in London England. It was just a few days before Travis Scott's scheduled performance at Arena.

Kylie Jenner was glammed up in her black mini dress. She wore open shoes and carried a small handle bag, posing as some 80s queen with a velvet theme and smokey eyeshadow. Her black hair was perfectly matching to her body, without the assistance of any accessories.

Travis Scott was spotted wearing a black t-shirt and a black leather jacket over it. He was also seen wearing a chain of diamonds and black and white sneakers. His daughter was also seen wearing black boots and Leather pants. She had her hair tied up in a bun.

Kylie Jenner has also done some business in the City. She had recently visited Harrods Department Store in a unique pink and black outfit for the day.

After the tragedy that took place in November 2021, the duo of mother and daughter sat in tea rooms and did private shopping. They have gone through some Christian Dior bags as well as some designer clothes.

Around ten people have died in the tragedy. It must not be difficult for The rapper to go back on stage with the same energy and enthusiasm, but the company of his love lady must have aided him.