Kim Kardashian is so excited to reunite with Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian is so excited to reunite with Pete Davidson ...

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are eager to see each other again. The 28-year-old Saturday Night Live actor is currently filming his new film, Wizards!, in Australia, so the couple has been separated for a while. According to a source, the reality show actress, 41, is eager to get back together with her partner.

Kim and she had a wonderful time when she returned to Australia in July, according to a source who spoke to the publication. Pete's shooting is still underway, but he should be completed by August, so his schedule will remain full. However, he is still working on another film in the United States, according to an insider.

Kim and Pete's long distance relationship has not been easy for them, but they are still ecstatic about it. In the last month, a source described their relationship as being stronger than ever.

Kim and Pete spent a long weekend together after being away for a long time, according to a source close to the couple.

The good news from the media influencers is that the shooting will be completed this month in August, so they wont have to be apart for too long. Even if Pete returns home, hell has plenty to do.

Petes filming will be completed in August. However, he will remain busy since he has another project in the United States. According to a source, the beauty is just pleased that he will be back in the United States soon.

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What More Kim Kardashian Says About Pete Davidson's Long Distance Relationship?

Kim and Pete's long-distance relationship hasn't been easy, but they are still ecstatic about it. According to Us Weekly, they're very much a serious relationship. Letters from Kim and Pete kept their relationship alive.

A source told the entertainment tabloid that the pair remains in touch even though they live on different sides of the world and in different time zones.

According to the source, when one of them is asleep, the other sends love notes and FaceTime. Theyre still extremely enamored with one another and cant wait till theyre back in the same place again.

Kim Kardashian and Ye, a singer-songwriter, divorced in February 2021. They have four sons and a daughter, along with a daughter named Psalm. Their divorce was officially announced in March of this year.