Is Netflix's Remarriage and Desires Season 2 renewed?

Is Netflix's Remarriage and Desires Season 2 renewed? ...

Remarriage and Desires has a cliffhanger ending and we can assume there will be a season 2, however, there is no official announcement shared by the cast members or the creators, making it difficult to say something definitively.

Another Korean K-Drama received a large fanbase as it entered the cinemas, boosting the Korean Digital Industry. Netflix released the first season of the series on 15 July 2022.

Basically Series is a satirical drama about a guy named Nam-Sik, who his wife Hye-Seung soon discovers was established by Yoo-Hui. Rex, a matchmaking business, serves the richest high-class people.

This story is a summary of two fierce, powerful, and beautiful women who have fought for their lives. It is full of anger, grudges, desires, and many more emotions that can enliven your day.

It's all about a man's remarriage that has trust issues with a woman. It's also about his past as he was betrayed by some female characters.

Season 2 of Scope of the Renewal of Remarriage and Desires

Season 1 ended at a point from which the plot of Season 2 might be picked up.

Hye-Seung, whom we assumed would be dead or kidnapped, is actually alive. By the end of Season 1, there are a slew of bad things going on.

When Hyung-Ju marries Hye-Seung, she finds some personal satisfaction walking her down the aisle. What a great finish it has!!

Season 1 has eight episodes in total that are wowed millions of hearts. If Season 2 will air, it will also revolve around Korea's elite and high-class society. The second season will most likely show the narratives in the hands of women.

Season 2 will have a lot of content to offer, so keep your expectations high that it will happen.

Season 2 Cast Expectations:

If Season 2 is to happen, most of our well-loved characters will be returning.

Lets hope for the best and would like to see characters such as:

  • Kim Hee-Seon will be playing Seo Hye-Seung
  • Hyun Wook Lee will be playing Lee Hyung-Joo
  • Ji-Yeon Cha will be playing Choi Yoo-Sun
  • Park Hoon will be playingCha Seok-Jin
  • Jeong Eu-Gene will be playing Jin Yoo-Hee

What is the release date for Season 2?

Unfortunately, we can't even anticipate the season to be renewed or not? At this point in time, it will be too early to anticipate the release date. We all are just awaiting the official announcement regarding Season 2.

Despite the amount of love and support Season 1 received, there are strong hopes and possibilities of a Season 2. Following the trend of renewal of K- Dramas like SQUID GAMES, ALL OF US ARE DEAD, and many more, we can be optimistic about this series.

We can only assume that Season 2 will be released in the middle of 2023, as a keen follower of the series.


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