Season 1 of The Sandman: What's Next for Dream and Lucifer?

Season 1 of The Sandman: What's Next for Dream and Lucifer? ...


The first season of the Netflix adaptation of The Sandman, arguably one of the greatest and most important comics of all time, is over, and can be regarded as a rousing success. However, it left many questions open when it ended, and asks one big one for Dream with its final scene.

Here's what happens in Season 1's final moments of The Sandman, and what it might mean for the future.

What Did The Sandman Season 1 Adapt?

The first five episodes of the show are divided into two stories: Dream (Tom Sturridge) follows his father as he escapes Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) and attempts to recapture his tools and rebuild his kingdom. The sixth episode is a bit of an interlude as Morpheus hangs out with his beloved (by him and by us) sister Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), and the final four episodes see Morpheus finally conquer the remaining lost dreams

Preludes and Nocturnes and The Dolls House were the first collected versions of the comics, thus giving us an idea of where the show might go next.

Whats Next for Lucifer?

Gwendoline Christies Lucifer plots with Mazikeen, Lucifer's half-faced consort and descendant of Lillith, obscenously menacing about what she'll do to destroy Dream, as anyone of us might imagine. She puts Dream in charge of Hell.

Lucifer (who later sold his beloved television series that later became known as Morpheus) decided the best way to sabotage him was to empty Hell and place him in charge of what remains. Hell residents to a certain extent self-select if people believe they belong there, they end up there. So once Morpheus is in charge, people keep coming, and he must figure out what to do.

The most open question is what the show does with the other pantheons. Lucifers death leaves a hole in the afterlife, one which deities from other religions try to fill. Will we see Odin trying to escape the cycle of Ragnaroks? Will the television adaptation heavily infiltrate the intra-hell conflict?

Whats Next for Desire and Despair?

The majority of Hell's inhabitants self-select, but not all of them do. Nada, Morpheus's old lover, was banished to Hell by Morpheus thousands of years ago as punishment for arguing about their love (Morpheus used to be a jerk). They eventually inspire Morpheus to return to Hell and free Nada, putting the conflict between Lucifer and Dream in motion.

If there is a season, theyre likely to use this in the next season (if there is one). Mason Alexander Parks Desire and Donna Prestons Despair didnt get much screen time in season 1: this is a major component of Morpheus's development, and an incentive to get these extremely talented actors more screen time early in season 2. I cant imagine the showrunners taking it seriously.

Who Else is Coming?

The third collected edition of the series, Dream Country, is a brief collection of one-offs that will most likely be included as part of the second season, much in the same way the Hob Gadling story was included in season 1, which takes Barbie back from the Florida bed and breakfast at the end of this season for further realm-breaking shenanigans.

But there's a lot to learn from, and there's plenty to adapt. And they need a makeover before any plans can be made, so get on that, Netflix!