Watch Order of the Definitive Predator Movies

Watch Order of the Definitive Predator Movies ...

Prey is the prequel (Preyquel? Predaquel?) to Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps car and alien grudge match, Predator. The great thing about it being a prequel is that you do not have to spend an entire night marathon binging all of the other Predator movies before it comes out. No, you do not have to do that after you've seen Prey.

Here's a handy checklist for you on the Predator franchise's viewing order, with only a little editorializing on which ones you may safely skip or drink.

1.Prey (2022)

It's a new film! It's exciting! Weve personally not seen it yet, but we know it will feature the Predator facing off against a Comanche warrior. This has caused others on the internet to complain that you couldn't defeat the Predator with a bow and arrow in order to prove they haven't seen any of the other films.

2.Predator (1987)

The greatest, the origin of that infamous meme where two massive arms shake hands. Set roughly 300 years after Prey, Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers meet off against Jeff, a recruitment consultant who has come to Earth for a long weekend of game hunting.

The film is utterly dripping in 80s hyper-masculinity, yet somehow functions as a slasher film, with Schwarzenegger of all people playing the Final Girl. It establishes the structure that the rest of the franchise ignores at their own risk.

The Predator takes to Earth to fight our greatest and most merciless killer in an unfriendly environment. They battle it out. Our greatest and most merciful killer finds himself stripped of allies and weapons until they are left with nothing but animal cunning and a fight to the death.

It's perfect. Why would you ruin it?

3.Predator 2 (1990)

This film has a lot of flaws and is criticized for it. It understood the task. Set in the future of 1997 when Los Angeles is torn over by a heatwave and conflicting drug cartels, it transposes the action from the middle of the jungle to an urban setting.

Garfield, an accounting executive who prefers to just let off steam hunting lower organisms (head-canon again), has determined that the most deadly killers on Earth are a bunch of drug lords and sets about violently murdering them, while Danny Glover plays a too-old-for-this-shit detective attempting to track him down.

It offers a peek inside a Predators spaceship, as well as a few wall medals that include a certain Alien from another film franchise.

4.Alien vs. Predator (2004)

Were just going to say it: If you want to skip this one, and the next one, nobody will judge you. H.P. Lovecrafts At the Mountains of Madness is ripped straight from the film. Predators (these ones dont get names, because this one doesnt count) uncover an ancient pyramid off the coast of Antartica. One of those teams of archaeologists who also includes a lot of mercenaries goes and investigates.

A few xenomorphs escape from the pyramid, and the surviving human and Predator must make an unlikely alliance to escape an explosion in the finale.

Even this makes it sound more enjoyable than it is. You leave less respect for both of the universe's deadliest killers.

5.Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

Okay, pay attention, this is going to be important later. Out in the wildest and most inhospitable environments you can think of? Brilliant, love it. The Call of the Wild, red in tooth and claw, absolutely, was made here for. The center of a nightmarish urban sprawl? It's counterintuitive, but it works! It illustrates that big city can be as hostile as any wilderness.

The Predator should not be placed up against a location that has a strong likelihood that the Predator will bored and go home. We have the return of the Aliens xenomorphs, as well as a hybrid Predalien from the previous film, which may sound like a really cool concept if youre 12 rather than something that negates both its terrifying attributes.

It provides a glimpse of the Predators' home planet, continuing to portray them as higher budget but somewhat useless Klingons. Skip this one if you like.

6.Predators (2010)

After the spirited but dreadful first sequel and the Totally Doesnt Count duology of Alien vs. Predator films, someone finally comes along and creates a film that correctly understands the Predator and how to use it. This is a film about the baddest alien motherfuckers versus the baddest human motherfuckers in order to see who wins.

The Predators are in a different phase this time. A mismatched group of humans, all of whom appear to be some sort of deadly killer, wake up falling through the sky above an alien planet. No sooner do they have time to get their bearings when they meet super Predators Hank, Frederick, and Susan, the marketing team for a mid-size double glazing company on a team building weekend. It's some serious back to basics Predator action, with a human cast that shows a smor

Then you can stop watching Predator movies.

Seriously, you can't stop. Why not do an Alien movie marathon that starts with Alien and finishes with Alien 3? Event Horizon. Or if you like Predators, perhaps you can watch the Star Trek: Voyager episodes with the serial numbers filed off?

Oh, you want to see all of the Predator films, right? Fine. Here we go. You provided the information.

7.The Predator (2018)

The Predator films operate on one basic principle: The Predator discovers the most dangerous killer it can among humans and then tries to kill them. The entire franchise was kicked off because some one made a joke that Rocky would have to go to space to find any more opponents.

You won't make a Scream film where Ghostface takes a temporary position and has trouble adapting to the limitations of an office environment. Nobody cares about Freddy Krueger: The Janitorial Years. If the Predator isnt tracking down the deadliest actual human it can find, then they aren't even a Predator, right?

The Predators' primary objective is to kidnap an autistic child in this film, set in suburbia (I promised you he'll come back to that) because the Predators want his DNA, so this is a plot twist that went viral when they tried it in Doctor Who.

This is a film that isn't enough wine in the world to make it entertaining, but if you want to see every film produced under the Predator license in chronological order, this will be the last Predator film you see.