Ray Donovan has been added to Big Sky Season 3

Ray Donovan has been added to Big Sky Season 3 ...

Rosanna Arquette, who will play Jenny Hoyt's fast-talking and charismatic mother Virginia 'Gigi' Cessna, has been cast in a recurring guest role for the third season of Big Sky. (via The Wrap).

The characters' descriptions depict her as a "world-class scam artist who used childhood Jenny in her grifts, much to present-day Jenny's resentment."

"Gigi has an uncanny ability to charm her way into people's lives and then disappear without a trace." Jenny grabs Helena when she returns to pull her latest con and the mother-daughter must negotiate their difficult relationship.

Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) is a private detective in Helena, Montana, who joins forces with a former cop (Winnick) to solve a kidnapping case.

Jensen Ackles will play Beau Arlen, a newly appointed sheriff who joins the above-mentioned cast members to help maintain order in the town. However, when a local backcountry trip goes wrong, they discover that no one is trustworthy.

Big Sky underwent a significant title change for season three recently. Now it will be known as Big Sky: Deadly Trials.

Jesse James Keitel, who plays Jerry Kenedy on the show, spoke exclusively to Digital Spy about the program just last month. She also talked about her future on the program.

"Scheduling is certainly a bit tricky. We'll see." I love Jerrie and Big Sky. There's certainly some story to tell there, but I'm excited to be in the Queer as Folk cinematic universe, and to tell some stories I'm really excited to tell."

While filming her other program, she may have a reduced role or be absent for the third season of Big Sky.

On September 1, Big Sky returns on ABC. The program is available on Disney+ in the United Kingdom.