Madden NFL 23: The Top 10 Wide Receivers, Ranked

Madden NFL 23: The Top 10 Wide Receivers, Ranked ...

Think about how many times a 50/50 ball gets tossed in Madden NFL 23. 99% of the time, this will be an incomplete pass or an interception. the odds are so low that gamers try to avoid the situation at all. What if, for these handfuls of tossups, the receiver fell down with the ball?

In a similar situation, players would be much more willing to take risks in Madden NFL 23. For some players, it's barely risky at all. Elite wide receivers can jump higher than those who cover them, resulting in an advantage that pros will abuse until they either win or their opponent quits.

10 Amari Cooper - 90 OVR

Amari Cooper has had no problem proving that he is a legend when surrounded by other players, both in the Las Vegas Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys. The Cleveland Browns have picked up Cooper and are hoping that he will do what Odell Beckham Jr could not do in Cleveland.

After a dismal year last season, the Browns will finally be playoff contenders. They're building up for a special team in Cleveland, and Cooper is a huge component of their strategy going forward.

9 Terry McLaurin - 91 OVR

Terry McLaurin was so instantly impactful that he was chosen as a starter in training camp, despite being placed in the top 76th overall. His ability and dedication have always been obvious to his coaches and teammates. But why is he ranked so high despite barely above-average statistics?

The truth is that Washington Commander fans should not be allowed to use McLaurin's talents. With a quarterback situation in a seemingly permanent state of flux, fans of McLaurin can only hope that his team does not waste his opportunities.

8 Keenan Allen - 91 OVR

Keenan Allen hasn't missed a single Pro Bowl nomination since 2017. Some might conflate this to Justin Herbert as the quarterback, but the Pro Bowl run from Allen started three years before Herbert arrived in Los Angeles.

Allen is a multi-purpose player who is an ideal threat anywhere. On a close slant or a deep bomb, he's comfortable turning on the jets and leaving the coverage behind him in a cloud of smoke.

7 Mike Evans - 92 OVR

Here's a fascinating stat: In his eight seasons as a league quarterback, Mike Evans has not once failed to throw 1,000 yards in a season. That's remarkable, but the fact becomes even more shocking when considering the inclusion of quarterbacks from Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, Jameis Winston, and, of course, Tom Brady.

Evans was tied for second in the league in touchdowns for receivers last year, setting a career high for him. He's still got Brady at the quarterback and, without Gronkowski at tight end, may get even more red zone opportunities.

6 Justin Jefferson - 93 OVR

Justin Jefferson is a little off the mark for his performance last season, after being second only to Cooper Kupp in terms of yardage. There are more than just whispers suggesting that Jefferson will rise by the end of the season.

Jefferson uses every available pass rush, route-running, hands, and strength. He's already an annual lock to make the Pro Bowl, but somehow this rating seems to be more of a floor than a ceiling.

5 Stefon Diggs - 95 OVR

Stefon Diggs makes any quarterback throwing to him better, especially between Kirk Cousins and Josh Allen. He's vibrant, after all, and plays as bright as the cover art for the game. But the raw numbers don't lie.

As he draws additional coverage, his teammates notice his numbers rise. Considering how he can single-handedly disrupt a defense's game plan, it's safe to say the Bills only need a little luck before they can finally win a trophy.

4 DeAndre Hopkins - 96 OVR

DeAndre Hopkins' season was on track to be a one-year affair thanks to MCL and hamstring injuries. Despite the reduction in opportunities during the season, Hopkins still finished as one of the league's top receivers.

Players may control how much fun they have on their own while in franchise mode. Hopkins can enhance any gamer's experience with all of the jump balls he hauls in every game.

3 Tyreek Hill - 97 OVR

Some things will change while others will remain the same as his team moved from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins, but his speed and acceleration are still a perfect 99.

For a long time, Hill has been regarded as one of the league's fastest receivers, and Patrick Mahomes will miss him. If Tua Tagovailoa can master the deep ball, the Dolphins will be contending for more than just a division championship.

2 Cooper Kupp - 98 OVR

Cooper Kupp's 98 OVR rating is a sign of respect, while a 99 OVR rating is a sign of outrage. When predicting how the top-rated players would perform, Kupp was a consensus 99. That is what happens when putting together one of the greatest receiving seasons in NFL history.

If this sounds like whining about nothing, consider that Kupp led all receivers last year in every category and nearly broke every single single-season record that exists for wide receivers. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

1 Davante Adams - 99 OVR

Experts began to look at all of Aaron Rodgers' MVP awards and wondered, "How does this guy still complete such many tight passes?" The answer to their question is Davante Adams. When it comes to hands and route-running, he's almost without equal.

Adams is the only receiver to get the perfect 99 OVR this year, and he might hold the 99 OVR for the rest of the season if his performance continues in Las Vegas for the Raiders.

Madden NFL 23 will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on August 15th and 2022.