Why Does Season 4 of The Orville: New Horizons Need to Be Made?

Why Does Season 4 of The Orville: New Horizons Need to Be Made? ...

The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 spoilers are presented in this article.

The Orville: New Horizons' third season is a record-breaking experience, despite the epidemic, delays in filming, and the acquisition of Fox by Disney. Most significantly, the writers seemed to be playing the long game, while also including several throwbacks from previous episodes.


Captain Mercer (MacFarlane) has had to deal with for the entire three seasons since he met Teleya, only for Mercer to massacre most of the ship's crew, thus endangering Teleya's trust. Teleya then posed as Union officer Janel Tyler and developed a romantic bond with Mercer. After the two had to trust each other again in order to survive a difficult situation, Mercer let Teleya go free rather than arrest her.

Teleya, a still despiseful person, fought her way to becoming Krill's supreme leader, and as Chancellor, placed the kibosh on the growing peace between Krill and the Union. When Mercer discovered Teleya, his companion gave birth to a sweet half-Krill girl named Anaya.

Mercer risked everything to go back and confront Teleya about their daughter, and while he was able to escape Krill with his life, Anaya was left behind. In the season finale, Teleya was apprehended and awaits trial, and the last confrontation between the two was extremely open ended. Teleya simply stated she's content with Mercer never seeing his daughter again, leaving the fate of their daughter to be forever unknown.

Many fans feel this isn't a happy ending. Anaya wasn't hurt in this entire adventure, and while her parents' conflict is flaky to say the least, she deserves it. Is a reunion in the works if there are further episodes? Would Anaya develop a loving attachment to her father if the show continued?

The Krill and Moclan Alliance

Teleyas' role as Chancellor isn't limited to her shambling with her ex. As previously mentioned, her rise to power reshaped the whole Orville universe. In the final weeks of her regime, she formed an alliance with the newly hostile Moclans, posing a substantial threat to The Orville and the Union.

The immediate threat of the Krill/Moclan alliance came to an end in the final episode of the season when The Union and Kaylon teamed up to ensure that the Kaylon race was not wiped out by a weapon designed by the Union. This was enough of a deterrent that we never heard about the Moclans or the Krill in the previous episode, but that doesn't mean the story is over.

Now that Teleya has died, who will step down as the chancellor? It is quite possible that the Krill will remain a threat to the planet and the populism that Teleya sparked on the planet will continue to burn, triggering a fresh conflict with whomever might take control of Krill and the Union? The Orville universe has previously surprised viewers with quick changes in allegiance.

The Moclans, however, are a stubbornly loyal people who would not likely to let any of their perceived wrongs go. As possibly the only military threat in the galaxy that can match the strength of the Kaylons and their constant assurance that their cultural beliefs are unbreakable, what would a fourth season hold in terms of tension between The Union and The Moclans?

The Threat of the Expanse Aliens

Shadow Realms, one of the few pure episodic stories of the season, was often dismissed as a monster of the week story. Unless the writers of the program had more time to focus on a fresh danger.

An invasive species that excreted a slimelike sputum on their victim altered their DNA, mutating them into a unique species in a horror-inspired event, absent of the promise of their first mutated victim.

Admiral Christie (Guest star James Read) was the first person to be transformed and acted as Expanse Alien Prime, even talking with key members of The Orville crew near the end of the episode. She blasted a more-so-veiled threat, saying that aliens would return and make The Orville and its crew of them.

This would of course mean that this species, which until this point was hardly unknown by the Union, is now terrifyingly aware of our heroes and might go out of the Expanse to hunt. It would not be a stretch to say that with the Kaylons now being an ally, that the Expanse Aliens would be the major threat to the Union's safety in a season four.


Dinal (Elizabeth Gillies) was introduced to viewers in one of the darker but surely more enjoyable episodes of the season, called Mortality Paradox. Kandar 1 was once inhabited by Commander Grayson (Adrianne Palicki), an extremely powerful alien who developed at an exponentially rapid rate.

Dinal's motivation for spending time with The Orville and her crew in terrifying moments of near-death is similar to what Q did in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. With a shared history between the Kandarians and Grayson, and a god-complex bordering on defiance, it appeared that The Orville authors were putting Dinal up to be a constant deterrent in the crew.

The Crews Love Life

In its third season, The Orville handled the crew's personal lives with skill, saving the all-too-brief connection between John LaMarr (J. Lee) and Lieutenant Commander Keyali (Jessica Szohr).

If the marriage between Doctor Finn and Isaac (Mark Jackson) were to be successful, it would certainly be interesting to see how it would develop. If the show were to conclude this season, the story would not necessarily be over. Could the couple adopt a child or even create one?

Another tease that appeared to be intended to stoke rumors between fans was a brief moment of eye-contact rife with sexual conflict between Commander Grayson and Topa (Imani Pullum) during a rescue mission for Bortus' daughter, Topa. However, when Bortus said his love for Grayson has become much stronger, it seemed to contradict his assertions.

Lieutenant Malloy (Scott Grimes) is a fan favorite who has had his heart broken out once more, and his family literally torn away from him.

Time Travel Possibilities

The episode that saw Malloy finally achieving domestic bliss, Twice in a Lifetime, attempted to summarize the story fairly, but it felt like a very easy out. The Gordon Malloy who was eventually saved was unaware of what he had in a future, and easily forgiven Mercer and Grayson for making the difficult decision to protect the timeline and erase it.

This doesnt mean that weve seen the last of the Malloys in a science fiction movie? Could Laura find her way to the future, knowing who her husband is and where (and when) he came from?

The hint of time travel, a sci-fi staple, gives the writers license to reintroduce characters. Since Alara (Halston Sage) left the show early in the second season, fans have been treated to her return in an alternate timeline, as well as as an exciting comeback in the season three finale.

Ensign Charly Burke (Anne Winters), who died suddenly but was somewhat permanent, has earned a second chance. Depending on how bold the writers wish to be, she might be for a brief appearance in this seasons final episode, Domino, which received mixed reception from fans.

Let the fan theories begin.