Ten of Madden NFL 23's Best Offensive Linemen, Ranked

Ten of Madden NFL 23's Best Offensive Linemen, Ranked ...

In Madden NFL 23, protecting the quarterback and running back are huge jobs. There is a reason that the best offensive linemen make significantly more money than the few talented players they are protecting. Their value may not be recognized by casual fans, but statisticians and hardcore analysts understand their importance.

When it comes to constructing a good team in Madden NFL 23, gamers might start by selecting an exceptional quarterback or playmaker. But what are the consequences if those playmakers are struck immediately after receiving the ball? These offensive linemen are the ones that shut down anyone and everyone who comes their way.

10 Jason Kelce - C - 90 OVR

Jason Kelce is a hard-to-find guy who has shattered more expectations than Jason Kelce. Early in his career, he was labeled as undersized and generally not respected by scouts despite his athletic ability and speed (tops in his class for his position).

Kelce has made six Pro Bowl appearances since he was drafted in 2014, including the last three. Philadelphia has recognized his incredible talent, regardless of how the team around him performs.

9 Tristan Wirfs - RT - 91 OVR

Tom Brady deserves credit for the turnaround in Tampa Bay, but championships do not happen without a complete team effort. Tristan Wirfs, for that entire 2020 rookie season, allowed only one sack. He was there in no time.

Wirfs' first Pro Bowl nomination was a surprise addition to the list last year, though that year might have been even better. According to statistics, he should probably be ranked even higher on this list.

8 Corey Linsley - C - 91 OVR

Back in 2014, the Packers selected Corey Linsley to play center back in the Chargers' starting lineup. He never received much attention until 2020, when he received first-team All-Pro honors.

Linsley, who had signed a deal that made him the richest center in football, rewarded the Chargers with his first Pro Bowl appearance. The Chargers could use a solid snapper, too, and their special teams mistakes over the last decade have been a source of laughter for football enthusiasts who don't live in Los Angeles.

7 Lane Johnson - RT - 92 OVR

There are so many great memories that Eagles fans will cherish after their Super Bowl victory in the 2017-2018 season. Although the Eagles have changed, Lane Johnson joins Kelce on this list as not only still a part of the Eagles, but still playing at an elite level.

Johnson has been a Pro Bowler for three years in a row (2017-2019). He's no longer a regular attendee, but those who thought his best days were behind him were surprised when Johnson was named the second-team All-Pro last season.

6 Terron Armstead - LT - 93 OVR

The Miami Dolphins went on a spending binge this last offseason, and fans couldn't help but rave about the acquisition of Tyreek Hill. Sure, that's exciting, but analysts are speculating that Terron Armstead will be the most important addition to the Saints.

Armstead won three Pro Bowl appearances in three seasons in a row from 2018 through 2020, and he certainly should have made the leap to more (Pro Football Focus named him one of the top linemen in 2016). He'll get to demonstrate how powerful he can be in a Dolphins team that has been engulfed in mediocrity.

5 David Bakhtiari - LT - 94 OVR

David Bakhtiari has gone through the highs and lows in ways that few other players can relate to. He didn't get the attention he needed until 2016 when he made his first Pro Bowl appearance. He got another two, then injuries pile up.

Bakhtiari injured his ACL at the end of the 2020 season (another Pro Bowl year) and barely played in 2021. When healthy, though, he's one of the best. Here's to hoping that players will get Bakhtiari for the whole season.

4 Tyron Smith - LT - 95 OVR

The Cowboys have always had an elite offensive line year after year. They make it a top priority and, at this point, it's a staple of their organization. Of course, the General Managers and Scouts deserve credit, but Tyron Smith is a large part of it.

Smith, who was drafted in 2011, has earned eight Pro Bowl nominations and established himself as an elite player. Left Tackles aren't as flashy as the game's cover art, but they do the work that allows players like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott to flourish.

3 Quenton Nelson - LG - 95 OVR

Quenton Nelson has something to say that his achievements do not already inform fans. He has played four seasons in the Pro Bowl. That's about as straightforward as it is for the young and powerful guard.

Looking to improve franchise mode? Add this guy to the left guard position. Looking at how dominant Jonathan Taylor was last season at running the ball. That's a huge thanks to what Nelson does up the middle.

2 Zack Martin - RG - 98 OVR

Zack Martin makes it easy to forecast how players will be rated in the game. He's also likely to be in the high nineties unless his production stops being what it is. Due to his consistency, he's still beating out opponents.

During his seven-year career, he has played all but once in the Pro Bowl, and in that season, he was forced to move around due to injuries on the Cowboys' line. When he's playing right guard, it's game over for the interior defensemen.

1 Trent Williams - LT - 99 OVR

Players can still get a significant increase in their experience if Trent Williams is allowed to defend the blindside with his perfect 99 OVR, the only offensive lineman to be given the designation.

Williams has reached the Pro Bowl in nine of his ten seasons in charge, only missing one due to removing a cancerous tumor in his head and dealing with the negligent Washington medical examiners. Watch the film Silverback to see what Williams went through.

Madden NFL 23 will be released on August 15th, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One.