Every New Antiquity in the Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

Every New Antiquity in the Elder Scrolls Online High Isle ...

Every new Elder Scrolls Online Chapter includes a handful of Mythic items to collect as part of the Greymoor chapter's Antiquities system. There are many more in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle.

In addition to the five new Mythic items and the standard three leads given to players in each zone, there are furnishing leads to hunt down (including a unique Provisioning Table) and a host of Motifs to discover in the Ancestral Breton style.

Regular Zone-Specific Antiquities

Antiquity Name Scrying Difficulty Lead Source Value
Ancient Mariner's Sextant Simple Automatically given to players upon entering High Isle 250, repeatable
Stonelore Circle Effigy Intermediate Earned after completing an Ancient Mariner's Sextant Lead 1,000, repeatable
Orichalcum Burial Urn Advanced Earned after completing a Stonelore Circle Effigy Lead 5,000, can only be completed once

Every Elder Scrolls Online expansion has at least three antiquities associated with it. These include the Ancient Mariner's Sextant, a Simple lead, the Stonelore Circle Effigy, an Intermediate lead, and the Orichalcum Burial Urn, an Advanced lead.

The Ancient Mariner's Sextand and the Stonelore Circle Effigy may be completed over and over again, but the Orichalcum Burial Urn can only be discovered once. Completing the Ancient Mariner's Sextand unlocks the Stonelore Circle Effigy, while finishing the Stonelore Circle Effigy unlocks the Orichalcum Burial Urn.

Motifs for the Ancestral Breton Armor Style

Motifs Included Scrying Difficulty Lead Source
Axes, Belts, Boots, Bows, Daggers, Gloves, Legs Simple High Isle Treasure Maps (Uncommon)
Helmets, Maces, Shoulders, Staves Intermediate High Isle Treasure Maps (Rare)
Chests, Shields, Swords Advanced High Isle Treasure Maps (Very Rare)

With the High Isle Chapter, ancestral Breton Armor style is introduced, and its motifs may be discovered by solving a variety of Treasure Maps throughout the zone; three are only acquired by purchasing the Collector's Edition of the chapter.

Simple leads include Axes, Belts, Boots, Daggers, Gloves, and Legs motifs, and are unlikely to disappear from Treasure Maps. Helmets, Maces, Shoulders, and Staves motifs are a bit rarer, and are Intermediate leads. Chests, Shields, and Swords are all Advanced leads that rarely drop from Treasure Maps.

The Druidic Provisioning Table and Furnishings

In the High Isle Chapter, there are three main items that can be earned, as well as a new unique crafting table that requires a bit of time investment to create. This is the Druidic Provisioning Table, a furnishing that reflects a High Isle Druid's set design. The rewards for this furniture are scattered throughout High Isle and Amenos in specific locations rather than as chance-based rewards.

After earning the High Isle Pathfinder achievement, the Antique Map of High Isle lead can drop from High Isle Daily Quest reward coffers, and the Sea Elf Galleon Helm lead can drop from anything in Dreadsail Reef.

Antiquity Name Scrying Difficulty Lead Source
Antique Map of High Isle Simple Sold by merchants throughout High Isle after earning the High Isle Pathfinder achievement
Draoife Storystone Advanced Possible reward from High Isle Daily Quests
Sea Elf Galleon Helm Advanced Possible drop from any mob in Dreadsail Reef, High Isle's new Trial
Lead Name Lead Source Location
Painted Elk Clay Pot Old Pot On an island in the middle of the inlet southwest of Gonfalon Bay
Druidic Pestle Textured Bowl Along the cliff south of the Hidden Foundry entrance on Amenos
Cracked Stone Grill Tray Rusty Food Handling Tongs On the beach north of Skulltooth Coast on Amenos, next to a chest
Smoothed Stone Grinder Time-Worn Stone Found on the northeast coast of All Flags Islet
Druidic Kettle Spout Olden Breton Teapot On the shore in a cove directly between Stonelore Falls and Death's Valor Keep in northwest High Isle
Woven Straining Bowl Damaged Woven Strainer Just off the side of the road on the west side of the bridge leading to Castle Navire
Woodfire Chamber Blazing Stones Southwest of the Dufort Shipyard Wayshrine near a Druidic Shrine, but not as far as the road
Preparation Surface Druidic Butcher Knife On the hills to the west of the Feywatch Isle Volcanic Vent, northwest of a Skyshard that should appear on the map
Blending Broomstick Ancient Cleaning Tools Across the road heading northeast from Garick's Rest
Clay Cooling Pitcher Stained Water Jug Just to the west of Spriggan's Crown off the trail leading to Breakwater Cave, near the shore

Mythic Items

  • Dov-Rha's Sabatons
  • Lefthander's Aegis Belt
  • Mora's Whispers
  • Oakensoul Ring
  • Sea Serpent's Coil

The High Isle Chapter also includes five new Mythic items, one of which has been making waves throughout the game's meta. The Dodge Roll is replaced with a short-lived but extremely powerful shield, and the Sea Serpent's Coil reduces damage taken at full health with a neat buffing effect.

The Oakensoul Ring is the town's real name, since it removes the wearer's second weapon slow and back in exchange for a bunch of buffs. It's extraordinarily powerful, and if there's one Mythic in High Isle to collect, it's this one.

Mythic items in ESO are composed of five leads, which when completed merge into the player's inventory to form the Mythic itself. These leads come from a huge variety of sources, too many to list exhaustively, so be sure to research each Mythic above and plan out your routes for acquiring difficult-to-find Antiquities.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, and Xbox One and Series X|S.