Final Fantasy Retcons: 5 of the Most Powerful

Final Fantasy Retcons: 5 of the Most Powerful ...

Because of its compelling narratives and engaging characters, the Final Fantasy franchise has evolved significantly since its inception in 1987. Each game follows the narrative of a unique protagonist who is usually tasked with salvaging the world in some form or form.

Final Fantasy games tend to have a wide range of different characters, but their popularity has led them to be renewed or rewritten for older consoles. These continuations will often attempt to freshen a game's narrative by changing certain elements. Most of these changes will enhance the game's overall narrative, but some will attempt to destroy it.

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis 5 The Need For Royal Blood

The Lucii Ring is an ancient artifact that was given to the great Lucian kings. It is because of this that Noctis is the only party member who is able to wield the ring's dexterity. The Episode Ignis DLC changes the conditions for wielding the ring's mysterious powers.

Ignis pledged to protect Noctis no matter what the cost. He knows that the Lucii Ring will not bend to his will, but he chooses to risk wearing it in the hope of receiving some much-needed help from the ancient kings of Lucis. This retcon removes the need for the Lucian Ring to be worn by anyone who wishes.

4 Zack Survives - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Cloud and his friends travel to an alternate reality to fight the Arbiters that dictate their destiny. They alter the course of the future while simultaneously reshaping events from the past. Zack, the main protagonist of the game's prequel, has escaped the clutches of Shinra's military in the process.

Zack carrying an unconscious Cloud in the direction of Midgar is shown in the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which has decided to change this. Following his introduction, he quickly became one of the most popular characters in the series, and it makes sense why developers wanted to keep him.

Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings: Vaan And Penelo's Relationship

Vaan and Penelo are depicted in Final Fantasy 12 as two childhood friends who share a strong connection. They grew up together in a broken and poverty-riddled world, so they had to rely heavily on each other to survive the hardships they faced. The duo gradually came to regard each other as family as a result.

Revenant Wings is set one year after the original gameplay. It follows Vaan and Penelo as they scavenge the world of Ivalice in search of hidden treasures, but this time, as sky pirates with their very own airship. Their friendship before became domestic, so retconning romantic feelings into their relationship diminishes their bond.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 2 Sephiroth In Midgar

Cloud Strife, an ex-SoldIER, is followed as he journeys throughout Gaia in search of Sephiroth, the world's greatest threat, only to reveal later that Sephiroth is the real villain in the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Cloud's past trauma leads him to enact images of Sephiroth in several situations where he isn't actually there, but in the late game, several characters witness his presence. Cloud's primary aim in this version is to completely alter history. He appears to be cognizant of how his previous attempts at world dominance failed, but he intends to rectify his fate by retracing his steps and reimagining his future.

1 Tidus' Fate - Final Fantasy X-2

Tidus begins to understand his purpose as he enters the beautiful land of Spira. His father, Jecht, believed that only his son could put an end to its suffering. As he nears the end of his journey, he learns that he only exists because of the Fayth, an otherworldly being capable of summoning god-like beings. The Fayth used their powers to create a dream-like world populated by Zanarkand.

Final Fantasy X-2 chooses to resurrect Tidus after saving Spira for the second time, although the original game explicitly prohibited the Fayth from returning to the world once they had dissected.