Explaining Fairy Tail: Takeover Magic

Explaining Fairy Tail: Takeover Magic ...

Mirajane Strauss is one of the very first members of Fairy Tail to be introduced as such in the so-called anime. Together the three siblings were called the takeover siblings, but neither of them is willing or able to complete takeover magic.

Lucy and Natsu follow Lucy's quest to find his lost dragon father Igneel. Along the way, they partner up with Erza and Gray, with a few members jumping in and out of the team when the need arises. While none of the Strauss family officially joins the team, their backstory and magic are the centerpieces for more than a few episodes, making it one of the lesser-studied types of magic in the early seasons of the show.

What is Take Over Magic?

Take over magic is quite appropriate because it allows the caster to take over the power and/or body of another entity. This is shown in the early scene where Natsu and Lucy rescue Macao from the Vulcans. Once one of the beasts is defeated it shrinks back into the body of Macao who had suffered all of the blows that the monster had.

It is also a form of transformation magic that falls into the Caster-type category, and it does so using the user's own magic skill rather than a third party item such as a gate-key. While it is a form of transformation magic and therefore does follow the three levels rule, it is considered to be advanced transformation magic that has various advantages, such as granting the user the abilities of the creature they transform into.

How Does Take Over Magic Work?

There are five currently known ways to take over magic: Beast, Animal, Machina, and God. Each form requires that the user have had physical contact with the creature they wish to transform into. Furthermore in order to be granted the abilities of that creature they must must know them, although this is only hinting.

Elfman is able to transform into the various magical creatures that he encounters, most notably the beast, due to her ability to record animal forms more easily than beast forms.

Mirajane uses Satan Take Over Magic, which means she may take over the forms of many demons. It is unclear how Mirajane obtained this Demon Factor, although the first allows the user to create battle armor similar to Erzas' requip, though she does so through contact with machinery.