The Walking Mausoleum is recreated in a massive LEGO Elden Ring build

The Walking Mausoleum is recreated in a massive LEGO Elden Ring build ...

The enormous LEGO Elden Ring creation is based on the Walking Mausoleum living structure from the RPG game. One FromSoftware fan had a completely different build in mind.

HoboSapient, the creator, posted their creation on the Elden Ring subreddit, gaining a lot of attention and tens of thousands of votes from users who were stunned by the massive LEGO construction. The structure measures roughly 30 pounds (thats about as much as the average three-year-old child).

The internal structure is crafted from LEGO Technic, a popular choice for more complex sets with complicated mechanisms or structures. HoboSapient claims that the result is quite solid, and that the piece was created from LEGO scraps collected over a 20+ year period.

The walking mausoleum, or wandering mausoleum, is a huge, rocky creature that can be seen stomping slowly around certain sections of the Elden Rings map. Both their heavy footfalls and the gigantic bell that swings from their undercarriage make the trip worthwhile.

Several upvoted comments suggest that the set be submitted to the LEGO Ideas program, where users may submit their own sets for sale, although HoboSpent concerns that Elden Ring might be considered too mature a setting to be considered.

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Hobosapient on Reddit has given me an image credit.