After the Space Invaders Collab, Square Enix might envisage further AR games

After the Space Invaders Collab, Square Enix might envisage further AR games ...

Square Enix has recently dropped its Western studios, but the company wants to continue to produce all manner of games, both JRPG and not. One of the most recent highlights, in particular, is the development of its mobile phone-based augmented reality Space Invaders game, which is expected to begin its testing phase shortly.

A recent Square Enix patent that was recently submitted implying that the publisher is already considering other augmented reality projects in conjunction with the Space Invaders game. In particular, it appears to refer to other elements and features that may be outside of the Space Invaders feature set, and might hint towards SE's future releases.

The AR Space Invaders game, created by Square Enix Montreal and Taito, was announced last year, and its development seems to be going quite well. The new patent effectively describes AR widgets that players may interact with to enhance the user's engagement in several ways.

The reason this patent appears unlikely to be related to the Space Invaders game is that the game is almost ready for play testing, and a patented control scheme would, therefore, have to have been submitted far earlier. This suggests that Square Enix may be considering future applications that incorporate augmented reality, such as 2023's Forspoken.

Square Enix is also making a significant investment in the NFT space. For example, there are Final Fantasy 7 NFTs, and if it hadn't known about this direction, it wouldn't have used one of its largest, most well-known intellectual properties to make this decision. At this point, it's difficult to argue that keeping all of the eggs in one basket may be more profitable for the company.

Curiously, Sony may be interested in purchasing Square Enix at this time. With the vast majority of its Western IPs sold off, Square Enix might be a fantastic acquisition for a larger company looking to expand its JRPG portfolio. Whether or not this happens is anybody's guess at this point.

The mobile game AR Space Invaders is currently in development.