As Dusk Falls: Safe Code in Episode 1

As Dusk Falls: Safe Code in Episode 1 ...

From Jay's perspective, he's given a code with four numbers on it. Players will think to themselves "This will be easy to remember," and then, after several action scenes, will forget about that small detail.

No need to worry, this guide is here to help. As Dusk Falls is a clear spoiler warning since players will achieve something they should have failed at. There is a brief subsection at the end of this article discussing what happens if Jay fails.

The Safe Code

  • The code to the safe is 5926

As Dusk Falls is a captivating game that seems to spawn from popular movies about robberies, hostages, and a crossroads, as opposed to the standard black and white morality. Don't allow Jay to forget and punch 5926 in.

Dale will give Jay some recognition if he does it correctly. That can be a heartbreaking moment, especially since Dale has been nothing but a tactless jerk up till now. For gamers who want Dale to be seen as more than a jerk, get the code right.

What Happens If Jay Forgets?

Dale will jump in and grab the safe open with a crowbar if Jay (or the gamer) forgets the code. It's actually impossible to steal the money, no matter how hard the player tries, so this might seem like a bit of a faux pas.

That's not entirely accurate. Because the entire game is a narrative, gamers will be treated to some unique dialogue in which Dale disparages Jay. That may make the most sense with Dale's character arc, if that's the way the player wants to portray the story. Go ahead and try it both ways to see which one works.

As Dusk Falls is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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