Here Are All the Backstories for Those Bullet Train Star Cameos

Here Are All the Backstories for Those Bullet Train Star Cameos ...

Bullet Train spoilers are included in the following story by editors.

The Bullet Train cast of David Leitch is stuffed with well-known actors such as Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Zazie Beetz, Michael Shannon, and Bad Bunny, but it's a bit of a surprise to see it make such a number of big comebacks.

The film is based on the Kotaro Isakas novel Maria Beetle (published in English as Bullet Train) and follows Pitts Ladybug, a trained assassin who finds that things aren't exactly what he expected, namely, the train is populated with other assassins out to kill him.

Pitts Ladybug meets friends, foes, and a random dude on the way. Kelly McCormick, the producer of Bullet Train, told IndieWire how each cameo came together.

[One more time: The following story contains spoilers for Bullet Train.]

Channing Tatum's main role in Bullet Train is quite random, and he's officially billed as Random Passenger, but that's about the sum of it. Tatum appears throughout as a seemingly minor train-rider who gets mixed up in some of Ladybug's milder schemes, like pretending to be the dangerous assassin wearing his signature bucket hat.

McCormick said he expected Chans [character] to be a character. We were looking at a lot of [audition] tapes, and we were thinking, who might be there? There were so many great ones, especially because we were shooting in LA, and there are a lot of great actors here. But then we were just like, I wonder what Chans is up to,I wonder if he is around, wouldn't it be fun?'

Leitch and McCormick were especially attracted to the notion that they would be the first to cast Pitt and Tatum in a collaboration (which only grew to another, more on that later). We just called him, and he came for a day, and they ended up just getting so many gems, McCormick said, implying that there may be a few outtakes on the films' VOD release.

Michael Shannon plays White Death, the nefarious crime lord who ends up being at the heart of the film's complicated revenge plot. Prince (Joey King) is both pissed that her dad has ignored her and eager to prove that she is capable of her own nasty crimes.

McCormick said White Death has radically altered the story. However, the Prince role served as the main motivation for the villain plot in the original draft. David needed to be able to connect with every character, both for us and for ourselves.

Make White Death culpable, too. I think this worked really well and gave Michael a lot more to do, according to McCormick. He was the first person we talked to for that role, and wed been wanting to work with him for a long time.

McCormick retaliates against a long-running rumors that Shannon was almost cast as Cable in Deadpool 2 by Leitch Brothers. Then there was some sort of hiccup conflict at the very last minute, and we just ended up reconnecting on this one, and felt really lucky that this was the role for him. I can't even imagine [what that would have been like].

Sony is a well-known company.

Another Deadpool 2 holdover! Ryan Reynolds appears very briefly at the end of the film as a fellow assassin who many believe is actually Ladybug. That one? Mcormick said with a laugh, referring to Pitt's earlier appearance as Vanisher in the 2018 Leitch film.

Reynolds, according to McCormick, wanted to do it in some way. That's what Ryan wanted to do, and he wanted to give back, and he loves to play with David, and we keep missing each other because he's so busy and David's so busy.

Reynolds actually shot that cameo on the set of his Adam Project, which was filming at the same time. McCormick said. And then they sent it over, and David would watch it and say, No, do this, or he would give more notes. It was kind of cool.

Sandra Bullock is unsurprised to be in the film, but there is a bit of a twist that Ladybug's handler, AKA Maria Beetle, appears in the final act. After effortlessly guiding Ladybug through his job as a voice on the phone, Bullock appears in the film.

McCormick said it was always written that way. In fact, we shot a bunch more items that we tried to include, and it was almost like the more of her we got, the harder it was that she wasnt in it any more, because she is so amazing. So we ended up pulling a bunch of it back and just had that special moment at the end. She only had two days to spend, so it ended up working out great.

Like what you saw? Perhaps more to come. If we had a [Bullet Train] franchise, McCormick would like to be a lot deeper into it.

And, yes, the pairing of Pitt, Bullock, and Tatum on the set of Bullet Train partially came together, mostly due to the weather? Actually, the thing happened on our set, [because] she only had one or two days [with us], and then it rained [when their final scene needed to be in the sun], McCormick said. And so she was with us for too long, and Brad was like, Hey, Ive got this thing. They love each other, they always have, and it was like

Bullet Train, a Sony release, is now in cinemas.