Steam is now offering Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support

Steam is now offering Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support ...

Without a good controller, console gaming would go nowhere without the introduction of a powerful, and above all intuitive, controller. Nintendo's control pads have evolved significantly over the years, from the angular two-button NES pad through to the modern era with the Switch's Joy-Cons. The former have shown how far the technology has advanced over several decades, and it has recently become apparent that Valve's Steam platform will now support these colorful sticks.

Steam now supports the Joy-Con controllers, according to the most recent client beta release, which was released a couple of days ago. This is bound to be good news for anyone who like PC games but don't have a Nintendo Switch at their disposal.

The Sega Genesis gamepad is not the only console support for the Steam Deck. This means that anyone who owns a Valve mobile device may now connect up their NES, SNES, or N64 pads. This does show that Valve is willing to open the doors for other peripherals for anyone who wants to use them via Steam in general or on the Deck.

Valve has just patented a new Steam feature that might improve game recommendations. This patent appears to be based on an existing quality-of-life regulation. The aim, according to the creators, is to be able to create customized compilation videos related to games they believe a user may like based on their past.

Valve is one of the world's most successful game businesses, with Steam being its most lucrative asset. Known in the early days for the creation of Half-Life, which has gone on to become one of the most popular FPS games ever, the developer is more focused on its PC storefront these days, with the aforementioned Steam Deck marking a successful entry into the hardware market after years of unsuccessful attempts.