Fans of DWTS React to an Unexpected Wedding Guest at Brandon Armstrongs Wedding

Fans of DWTS React to an Unexpected Wedding Guest at Brandon Armstrongs Wedding ...

Brandon Armstrong wed Brylee Ivers in an outdoor ceremony in his native Utah on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The couple shared their special day with the world via a special article published by People magazine.

Armstrong told the outlet that because so many people get married in Utah so young, we wanted something that wasn't quite like the traditional church and chapel wedding.

Jenna Johnson, Witney Carson, Alan Bersten, Britt Stewart, Emma Slater, and Lindsay Arnold were among the 125 guests who commented on the love. However, there was one particular wedding guest who had his very own Reddit thread.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Sean Spicer was a guest at the Armstrong & Ivers wedding.

Sean Spicer has shared a link to his blog (@seanmspicer)

Sean Spicer, a former White House press secretary, shared a photo from the wedding shortly after the ceremony.

Spicer competed in season 28 of DWTS with Arnold as his pro partner.

The bride took to the comments section to thank Spicer for assisting her.

Sean! Thank you for coming all the way to the Utah tp party with us. It was a pleasure having you there, she wrote.

Thank you for including me. What a lovely evening. You, the dress, the venue, the food, and of course Brandon, Spicer.

Spicer was not surprised by many Redditors attending the wedding.

Brandon Armstrong's tweet is retweeted by Brandon Armstrong (@brandonarmstrong).

Several people said that Spicer was the only DWTS guest to attend. And while others do not agree with Spicers politics, some said they didnt want him to be cast on DWTS in the first place. It appears the majority were unsurprised that Armstrong invited him.

Many users commented on a Reddit thread dedicated to the Spicers' attendance.

Spicer enraged me with his presence on DWTS, and the longer he lasted the more he pissed me off, but it's kind of sweet of him to go to the other side of the country for the wedding, according to one Redditor.

Given their conservative beliefs, it's unlikely that they're surprised. I may not understand US politics in the slightest, but as an Australian, I still understand how Sean is and what he represents, which is so frustrating to me why they choose to be friendly even after the backlash.

Is anyone surprised? Mormons are hard core conservatives. I find it funny that they all acted somewhat disgusted with him when he was on the season (due to public outcry), but theyre no different or better in their beliefs, read a third comment.

I know people dont like him but I saw him once during DWTS filming and he was so funny. We got invited to go for drinks afterwards and I assumed hed be an a******, but he was really funny, and a fourth person chimed in.