Shigaraki Can't Be Stopped by My Hero Academia 361

Shigaraki Can't Be Stopped by My Hero Academia 361 ...

The following are spoilers for "My Hero Academia Chapter 361, Abnormal Happenings" by Kohei Horikoshi, available on Viz Media in English.

The heroes in this chapter of My Hero Academia are finally able to turn the tables. The three key players in this chapter are Mirio, Tamaki, and Nejires, who have both successfully defended Bakugo, but also may have a chance of putting pressure on him. On the other hand, Shigiraki is persistent, having been triggered by Lemillions' words, and he is still a force.

The entire squad of My Hero Academia was successful in protecting Bakugo and keeping the battle going, but most Mirios tactics had to be defensive. Hados energy was able to penetrate the skin but could not penetrate the wall of fingers and hands, but Lemillion was able to wield her energy as a weapon and used it to strike Shigiraki.

Tenko Shimura Has Friends

Tenko Shimura, a youngster, remembers that Mikkun and Tomo would go on walks with him throughout his childhood. Shigiraki responds by yelling how he does have friends.

Mirio is shocked by the reaction he received and awkwardly apologizes, clearly disturbed by the change in tension. The next panel isnt even of Shigiraki releasing an attack, but just Mirio being swarmed by the hands. No explanation for how the hands got there, but clearly Shigiraki's reprimand did nothing to quell his anger.

Mirio believes he was struck a nerve, but is more concerned about how his blow barely scratched him. Shigiraki's primary body is stronger than his constant growth, and he has to learn to trust those who are in charge of him. Up until now, All For One has been in charge of Shigiraki's mind, but the small remnants to Tenko Shimura, who was tossed behind his original self, still lingers within waiting for someone to save him.

Nejire And Mirio Trust Tamaki

Mirio was aware that he would not be able to provide anything but a distraction. That was part of the strategy. Initially Hado and Suneater were intended to lead the assault so Mirio could sneak in and save Bakugo. His tendency is for being quick, moving around to save others, and jumping from location to location.

Best Jeanist is able to defend his student with his life even though he is barely conscious but Hado launches energy spikes towards him to crush All For One. However, it fails.

All For One is too powerful, declaring that the facility it has been constructed is essentially a self-constructed tomb for the heroes, and he brutally launches appendages to crush Hado. Hado recalls how others thought she was cold and pity because of her powerful quirk but in truth she just wanted friends. Tamaki, yes the shy kid who was inspired by Mirio, reached out to her by asking him the same question as Mirio.

Miro and Nejire have always believed that Suneater's quirk has no upper cap, and he eats. He begins to manifest a body made of all of the food he has eaten and there are over a dozen written on the page. It's clear that Suneater may come up against him someday.


It's a bit disappointing that a chapter that was so exciting was also so short. Most chapters are between 15 and 19 pages, but this chapter was still enjoyable, despite how short it was. The art itself, as usual, was fantastic, and the action shown in this chapter was excellent. The most important parts of this chapter were the tension from Shigiraki's unstoppable monster, and the character development of so many characters.

The fact that All For Ones has acquired Shigiraki's identity has given readers the opportunity to re-read the last several chapters with him and see it from his perspective. Deku's desire to save Shigiraki from All For One is pushed aside because the Tenko Shimura remains the one who can be saved. Lastly, seeing Tamaki's character develop and develop at this point was admirable.