Fans loved Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's sweet bread Pokemon Fidough

Fans loved Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's sweet bread Pokemon Fidough ...

Fans on the internet are already enthralled by the hot professors and wanting to protect sad piglet Lechonk. Another part of the new games

This week, a new teaser video was released that shows the trainer riding around the new region, Paldea, on the new Legendary motorbike-hybrid Pokemon, the new Terastal Pokemon forms that change elemental types, and improved raid fights when you choose when to attack.

Another newbie is Fidough, which is pronounced 'Fido,' as it is a combination of a cute dog and bread. This Fairy-type pup can puff up its elastic-y bodies to try and enthuse foes, and can ferment things using yeast in its breath.

Fidough became instantly enthralling, to put it mildly. Some extremely talented individuals quickly created fan art based on different foods, while others simply declared their unbreakable love for the new beastie.

Now that fidough has been announced, the Pokemon community has shared its thoughts.

Is this a fiddough??

Fidough RISE(1/2)


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Idol: How much does the doggy in the window cost? Fidough 3#PokemonScarletViolet #PokemonPresents

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Fidough got little recognition for being so adorable. Wooper from Pokemon Gold and Silver has a new regional variation. It's a muddy brown and a Poison type, and people like it.

Scarlet and Violet are set in southwestern Europe, with nods to Spain and Portugal, and appear to explore time travel, or at least the future.

Scarlet and Violet from Pokemon are set for a release on Nintendo Switch on November 18.