Deadpool 3 writers claim that everything in the MCU is a fair game to make fun of

Deadpool 3 writers claim that everything in the MCU is a fair game to make fun of ...

Deadpool 3, directed by Ryan Reynolds, is still a long way away from reaching cinemas, but the filmmakers assured viewers that whatever happens when it comes to the Merc with a mouth's humor, nothing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be off limits.

Deadpool is one of the most well-known comic book characters, especially when it comes to Marvel's anti-heroes. While some refer to him as a comedic version of DC Comics' Deathstroke, he has since developed his own character while also attracting a loyal following.

Fans were left wondering what the coming Deadpool 3 would mean for Disney's entire hero cast. While recently appearing on the Post Credits Podcast, Reese said, "We have a treasure trove of things to poke fun at now. He's an equal [opportunist] so everyone's fair game."

The writers have obviously taken some time to envision Deadpool conversing with or despising certain MCU characters. "I do think we do obviously sit in our heads and imagine Deadpool conversing with character X, character Y, and character C, because right there, you just go, Is that funny or is it? And the answer is often, yes."

Many anti-heroes fans are likely to point to Wade Wilson or Deadpool as one of their favorites. The fact that his two solo films succeeded in establishing him as a top-tier character demontres his worth. Imagine what will happen once Deadpool has the Disney machine behind him and their enormous marketing power.

Fans are hoping that things will continue to flourish and that there will never be a repeat of what happened in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This is the beginning of a new era for Marvel, one where fans truly get what they want, artists get work without limitations, and everyone is happy.

Deadpool 3 is currently in the works at Marvel Studios.