The Best Beginner Nations for Beginners in War Thunder

The Best Beginner Nations for Beginners in War Thunder ...

From spears and clubs to fighter jets and battleships, warfare Thunder encompasses the incredible range, power, and complexity of many of these weapons of war. With so many nations and tech trees to choose from, it can be confusing for novices to grasp where to begin.

Many beginners will naturally wonder which starting nations are actually the best, especially for new players. Here are a few of the best starter nations for newcomers to War Thunder.

America And Germany

The United States of America is an excellent place for beginners to begin with. Many players shy away from it due to its extensive aviation, ground, and naval technology trees, but it's an excellent all-around country, not lacking in any significant area. It also has a robust helicopter tree, for players interested in that section of the game.

Germany has some of the finest early ground and aviation vehicles, so players who are still learning the ropes and building their tech trees in these areas will not be harmed unnecessarily for being new. The country's naval presence isn't as strong, however, so new players will not be able to win many German naval victories without using some modifications.

Germany's mid-tier cars are powerful and have some interesting playstyles that make this country one of the most fun to learn. Anything you can do to keep yourself motivated will do. The only major drawback with Germany is their late-game aviation, which is less effective than some nations.

China And Diversifying

China's top-tier tech trees aren't the finest, but they're also helpful to beginners.

As a new player in War Thunder, it's advantageous in some ways to dedicate oneself to a single country, mastering its military strengths and weaknesses, but that isn't the only option. Jumping back and forth between different nations will not give the player as deep an understanding of any individual starter nation, but it will give beginners a more complete understanding of army structures and strategies as a whole.

War Thunder is available on PC, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.