Selena Gomez is the performer of the week

Selena Gomez is the performer of the week ...


ONLY Murders in the Building | THE SHOW

Flipping the Pieces in the EPISODE (August 2, 2022)

PERFORMANCE | Week after week, Gomez delivers an emotional astute performance, delicately avoiding Mabel Moras' trauma. But Tuesdays episode, which got to the core of her selective memory, gave Gomez her best display of all.

Mabel's journey, particularly in Season 2, has been about her desire to break out of her past and start fresh. You could sense in Gomez's gravelly tone how difficult it is to walk past the front gate of the Arconia only to be reminded of Zoe or to walk past Tim's door and be haunted by visions of his dead body.

I didnt know how to deal with his dying, so I didnt, She said, hesitating after each and every word as if this was the first time shed ever discussed his death out loud. Instead, I flipped the pieces over in my head until I couldnt see the image anymore.

A single tear was all Gomez needed to express the weight being lifted off Mabels chest as she flipped the metaphorical puzzle pieces in her head and watched as they floated away. Only now could she fully access her memory of Bunny dying in her arms but she could also move forward and find a way to live with her pain rather than box it away.

HONORABLE MENTION | Dallas Goldtooth is one of Reservation Dogs' most powerful actors and he did a fantastic job of introducing us to our moping protagonist and revealing some more quasi-wisdom. The comedian did this with such skill and conviction that he admitted that he didnt know what it all meant for him. Im just making it up as I go along!

HONORABLE MENTION | As much as Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is a show about the dangers of scarecrow-masked serial killers, it is also a show about the torturous relationships between mothers and daughters, especially when one of them is dead. In just three minutes, Imogen fell deeper into her depression, until the only path out was through fear and rage.

HONORABLE MENTION | Sistas viewers may be irritated with Karen (and rightfully so) for her inability to accept that Zac has moved on, but they were not in a hurry to assist her in resurrecting her. As the story began to unfold, Obsidian captured and conveyed Karen's pain in a way that felt raw and real.

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