Season 2 Episode 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend: The Girlfriend's Return

Season 2 Episode 3 of Rent-A-Girlfriend: The Girlfriend's Return ...

The following are spoilers for Season 2 of Rent-A-Girlfriend, The Return of the Girlfriend, which is now available on Crunchyroll.

Season 2 of Rent-A-Girlfriend has had a great start. The humor has been hilarious and heartfelt, and the romantic components have been super endearing and sweet. Following the episode of him going on a date with Chizuru to strengthen their relationship, Kazuyas ex Mami appears. She stated the two didn't want to hang out anymore, so they've been attempting to hide from her.

Chizuru goes to the door stating that she was locked out, after spending the majority of the day with them just hanging out and talking. She most likely left her key at one of the locations they crossed that day. It appears that she is asking if she may stay the night at his place.

The Unexpected Guests

Mizuhara shows up at his door late at night, and he cannot fathom what she wants. Chizuru then explains why she phoned his door if she couldn't get into his house, and why she even asked to stay in his house. This is when Kazuya finally decides that she must want to stay the night.

Chizuru needed to go to his back balcony to check the back door of her apartment, unfortunately for him. Kazuya is staring and as he does, he grabs her butt. She tells him to let go, and then she collapses with him on top of her in an awkward position.

As she enters the kitchen, Kazuya notices a woman's purse. She assumes she saw the woman's purse lying in the apartment.

A Heart to Heart Conversation

Kazuya sees the landlord returning, but Chizuru asks her to depend on him more, which is a big move for him. Her father left her, then her mother and grandmother passed away, and she wishes she would become an actress. Despite this, Chizuru believes that she has everything she has ever wanted to achieve.

Chizuru calls him an idiot for saying how he wants to be always by her side because she is a rental girlfriend, but also why she can't stop him since she's working as a manager. The next morning he sees her in the hallways at school and despite the fact the two of them are supposed to ignore one another, Chizuru gives him a small wave to acknowledge his presence. Kazuya is giddy and then he begins to skip off to his next class


Ok, so if the previous episode was an 8/10 for the way their relationship progressed, this episode, Kazuya takes charge, because all of the spicy moments aside, the two seemed to have gotten closer as friends. This was also one of the times when he professed himself in a way that wasnt totally self-deprecating.

The Mami scene appears to have been set up only to create future conflicts, which is to be expected, but it also created some great tension. The situation itself of Chizuru being over was also a great tool for fan service and humor, as him grabbing her bottom trying to save her was A+. The episode was great, giving everything a fan wants, character development, and conflict development while also introducing new conflicts.