Elden Ring Clip Demonstrates How a High Intelligence Build Can Make Captain Niall Boss Fight Super Easy

Elden Ring Clip Demonstrates How a High Intelligence Build Can Make Captain Niall Boss Fight Super E ...

Elden Ring is a challenging game with a wide open world filled with intimidating bosses. Players face a wide variety of enemies, including Malenia, Mohg, Rennala, and others. The more time one spends in the Lands Between, the better they become at winning Elden Ring boss battles.

Each boss has its own strengths and weaknesses and responds differently to each build. For example, some enemies might be more susceptible to melee damage, while others are more susceptible to magic and sorcery. Players now regularly come with various cheesing methods by having proper knowledge of Elden Ring bosses' weaknesses.

Khomuna, a Reddit user, is one of the few Elden Ring players who has used an easy technique to defeat one of the game's most demanding bosses, Commander Niall. The user shared a short video showing how they used a high intelligence build to get the better of him.

Khomuna doesn't waste much time and launches a second magic-based assault on Commander Niall, Comet Azur. The original poster's ability to make a single hit was praised by the community. Some users even pointed out that Commander Niall's inability to endure this method.

Comet Azur and Terra Magica are two of the most popular sorceries in Elden Ring because they complement each other very well. Terra Magica creates a magical sphere around the player that increases the player's magic damage by 35 %, while Comet Azur makes a massive comet that can be used as a highly effective ranged weapon.

Elden Ring players have discovered a technique to cheese Commander Niall from a distance. Not long ago, another Reddit user discovered a way to defeat Commander Niall from a distance by repeatedly firing precise arrows in a tiny hole in Castle Sol.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.