How to Become a Captain and Name Your Ship in the Sea of Thieves

How to Become a Captain and Name Your Ship in the Sea of Thieves ...

Sea of Thieves, a live service game, has been constantly evolving. Since it's release back in 2018, the game has seen significant changes, which have helped to grow the game's overall appeal as well as to draw a loyal following both on the Xbox and PC platforms. In fact, Sea of Thieves has even crossed over with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean to provide a fresh perspective for those who prefer to play against others on the open ocean.

Season 7's transition to a seasonal model has proved to be a boon, allowing players to acquire even more rewards from ship cosmetics to currency and other resources. The most significant feature of Season 7 is the ability to live the life of a Ship Captain.

Sea of Thieves players may now choose to take on the role of Ship Captain by owning a ship and customizing it to their hearts' desires. New logbooks, milestones, SHipwright services, and the Sovereign faction have been added to help make the player's transition to a fully fledged captain a breeze.

Step 1: Becoming a Captain

Instead of selecting a ship type from the main menu, players should select the My Ships option. For first-timers, the game will then display the option to purchase one of three types of ships.

Before purchasing another ship of the same type, players must acquire 15 ships at the same time.

Remove a ship from the fleet is as simple as selecting "Dismantle" before setting sail. Keep in mind that doing this removes all Milestone and Trinket progress made for that particular boat.

Ship Customization

Captains can now change ship decorations from the usual sails, hulls, figureheads, to the actual Captain's Cabin in the open world. Ship Decorations are exclusive to Captains, and these options are only available to the crew, so the Captain's Quarters remains unprotected.

The Captains Table, Captains Drapes, Captains Rugs, Captains Chairs, Captains Chandeliers, and Captains Curtains will be available as soon as they have been purchased. Alternatively, Captains should make sure they have enough wealth otherwise they may need to go treasure hunting.

Trinkets and Milestones

The Shipwright's Trinket Shop has many different options for decoring the ship. They are available at the Shipwright's Trinket Shop. Here, players can see which ones are required to unlock them.

Players will be able to work through a new progression system called Milestones under the Ship's Log from the game's menu. These include a wide variety of tasks such as making 25 repairs on the player's ship, longer term ones like Gold Earned as a particular faction representative, and many other tasks.

Other Captain Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of owning a ship is that it is possible to have customized items and have them saved between sessions. A player may choose "Save Item to Ship" for all future sessions until a different cosmetic is selected, with prices ranging from 2,000 to 7,000 gold pieces. For better or worse, ship damage is also retained by selecting "Restore My Ship" from the Shipwright at the dock.

Up to 100 Voyages may be purchased at any Outpost, and they may also be stored for use at any time, so players don't have to keep running to outposts to grab more.

A new faction called The Sovereigns can be found at the docks of Outposts, where they'll take treasure discovered during voyages and sell them for free of charge. This fast sell option is also much safer since players don't need to leave their ship unguarded or vulnerable in the event of a PVP player ambush in town.

Sea of Thieves is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.