Nintendo controller support for Steam Joy-Con completes the Nintendo controller line

Nintendo controller support for Steam Joy-Con completes the Nintendo controller line ...

Valve's latest Steam client beta version adds Steam Joy-Con support for Nintendo Switch controllers, ensuring that they are now officially supported as a way to play PC games. The Switch Pro controller and Nintendo's classic style controllers are also included.

The Steam client beta update for August 5 allows for official support for small, paired controllers, which are the mainstay of the Nintendo Switch console. Unlike with the Switch itself, you may use the controllers individually or pair them together to enable the functionality of a full-size controller.

The Switch Joy-Con may not be the ideal game for most people, but it does have some useful features. For example, instead of a traditional cross-shaped directional pad on the left, the Joy-Con has four separate buttons, similar to the ones used on the right side of a controller in classic games like Tetris or Pac-Man.

This update improves Steam's support for the Nintendo Online classic controller family, which was officially implemented. These controllers, which include models based on the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and Mega Drive pads, require you to be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to obtain them, however, you may now obtain one through Steam.

To activate the Steam client beta and try out the latest features ahead of their official release, including the Joy-Con controller support, youll need to go to Steam's settings menu, click on the Account tab, then click Change next to Beta Participation, and select the Steam Beta Update option. Youll need to restart your Steam client to finish the process.

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