The Sandmans Dream hasn't shown much emotion, since that's what his friends are for

The Sandmans Dream hasn't shown much emotion, since that's what his friends are for ...

The first time we see the dream lord demonstrate much emotion in Netflix's The Sandman adaptation is for a bird named Jessamy.

[Ed. note: This post contains minor spoilers for The Sandman Season 1].

Jessamy appears in his bubble prison for a brief moment, before she flashes hot, angry tears when she is shot in front of him.

The brutality of my captors crafted a world whose hopes in my absence became darker still, as Dreams' voice-over reveals. He continues to stare, steely and cold, unresponsive, and unwilling to talk at all.

Dream of the Endless is a cool and sullen goth who walks as softly as he expresses feelings throughout the series, although he could not forgive him for murdering his raven. Much of his anger is translated by those close to him, like Lucienne.

He was captured in such a horrific and inhumane manner, and it has altered him, according to Polygon. Vivienne Acheampong, who plays Lucienne, knows the essence of his being. However, with whats happened to him, it has wreaked havoc on him.

Dream has been haunted by that agony throughout his adventures as he attempts to regain his full power and remember why he lives his obligations to humans (and the world). Season 1 of The Sandman is really about Dream emotionally regaining his confidence. He is forced to depend on everyone else to assist him in getting there, from Matthew and Johanna Constantine to adversaries like John Dee.

Tom Sturridge, who plays Dream, claims, is probably the most vulnerable person he has ever encountered. He is also likely to be the closest he will ever get to being human due to his lack of power. And she is so alive, and so generous and brave, and I think he is disarmed by her.

Rose reminds him of his passion for the world as a whole, while Lucienne keeps him in check, and even challenges him to fulfill his duties with heart. Sometimes that means falling in line, but sometimes, as Acheampong observes, it means reminding him that change is possible.

Acheampong claims that he has seen the worst of humanity and is vengeful. So I think for Lucienne, what she wants to do is restore him to the person she knows him to be; she understands that he requires these laws and regulations; but she draws out his conscience and the empathy that he has, and she only wants to remind him of that.

Lucienne believes in the Dreaming; she understands how vital it is, and she wants to safeguard it. And the same with Morpheus's feelings. Acheampong continues, She believes in this work that he does, she understands how important it is. [...] She never imagined he would return.

The whole series of The Sandman is now available on Netflix.

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