SNK is bringing a few obscure Mega Man games to Switch

SNK is bringing a few obscure Mega Man games to Switch ...

Capcom and SNK are apparently in a race to see who can first release all of their classic games on modern platforms. Which has resulted in some fantastic stuff, even if it gets a bit silly.

SNK has announced that the 2000 Neo-Geo Pocket Color game Rockman Battle & Fighters will be available on Switch in the West, though it will still be in Japanese. Both games were scaled down to fit the portable hardware, but the package was too late to make much of an impact in SNK's game against the Game Boy.

The arcade versions of Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters were just released as part of Capcom's Arcade 2nd Stadium collection a couple weeks ago. Each costs roughly $4, while the SNKs duo costs about $8.

So, whether you're looking to play two obscure Mega Man arcade games, or the portable versions of those two in Japanese and scaled down to the Neo Geo Pocket Color screen (and then back up to the Switch screen) all of which are fantastic, and if you can keep track of them Capcom and SNK have you covered.