This weekend, you may stream Prey, Uncharted, and any other new film from your house

This weekend, you may stream Prey, Uncharted, and any other new film from your house ...

This week has been perhaps the busiest of the year so far, after a brief few weeks of new film releases. Hulu has released the new Predator movie, Prey (which is great! ), three big animated films (Lightyear, Luck, and Belle) have made their streaming debuts, Uncharted has finally landed on Netflix, and two Best Picture nominees Licorice Pizza and Belfast have finally launched on streaming.

The Thai cave rescue is not the only thing on the menu! A new Ron Howard film on Peacock, a new Minions film, and a new horror film starring Rebecca Hall

This weekend, here's all you can do at home.


Where to find the best movies on Hulu

Amber Midthunder (Hell or High Water) plays a Comanche warrior in 1719 who discovers the prey she thought she was stalking is in fact a vicious headhunter from another world that is bent on killing people for sport.

From our assessment:

Prey is a film about a young lady on a collision course with a cool skull mask; the other members of the Narus tribe are there to naysay and/or become Predator fodder; and a late-arriving band of fur traders offers up some huntable bodies. He works by giving the camera just enough room for a full view of obstacles, such as a particularly sticky mud pit.


Where to watch: Netflix has a program to stream.

Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, joins forces with partner-mentor Victor Sully Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to discover Ferdinand Magellan's lost treasure.

From our review:

The filmmakers have the right understanding of what makes an Uncharted action sequence, whether it be a recreation of an existing sequence that would fit within one of the games, or an entirely different one, such as a bit involving flying pirate ships as they go into the air by airplanes, which is dull, inconsequential, and monotonous. Not even a general action muzak substitution during a decisive shootout, which adds to the mood.

Pixars Lightyear

Where to Find It: Disney Plus has a number of streaming services available.

As Buzz Lightyear, the human, not the toy, he must discover a new fuel source to power his vehicle while battling off the mysterious Zurg and his army of deadly robots in the 2022 Toy Story spinoff Lightyear.

From our review:

Lightyear is a flash Gordon-style space adventure that is packed with fast-moving alien creepy-crawlies, funny banter, and surprising, funny moments about the future. It's no wonder all this would appeal to Andy and his generation, who are likely to enjoy it as 6-year-olds in our world.

Lightyear is clearly suited to be more: a thoughtful reflection on the passing of time. All of its main themes emphasize the need to connect with people and live in the present rather than the past. Its a warning about all the things we might overlook if we focus on previous failures rather than letting them go.


Where to find HBO Max content: Available for streaming on HBO Max

Belle, a sci-fi fantasy anime created by Mamoru Hosodas, follows Suzu, a reserved high school student who mourns the death of her mother, who finds solace and support by escaping to the vast online world of U, where her virtual alter-ego Belle is a well-known worldwide pop singer. After one of her performances is interrupted by a mysterious figure known as the Dragon, Suzu sets out to discover his hidden connection.

From our evaluation:

The simple lesson from Beauty and the Beast (or at least the 1991 Disney version) is that you should not judge a book by its cover. With the ambitious, decisively uncynical new anime film Belle, Mamoru Hosoda expands the story for the internet age. Carefully crafted online personas replace magical curses, and mewling AIs transform into measles. But the director of Mirai and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time pushes the core message one step further


Where to find HBO Max content

Belfast, a young boy growing up in the late 1960s, was at one point a top contender for the Oscar nomination, and it finally receives its streaming debut almost a year after its release.

Oli Welsh's take on why it merited to win Best Picture:

Belfast is a very sincere, heartfelt film that tries to honor a time and place that mean a lot to Branagh. It's also a funny movie, and beautifully performed. Hinds, Dornan, and Balfe all gave excellent performances as young Buddy, while the gorgeous younger couple added some unrealistic but far from unwelcome movie star glamor to the kitchen-sink drama.

Licorice Pizza

Where to find Prime Video content

This is the latest Oscar nominee from Paul Thomas Anderson. It's a love letter to the area (the San Fernando Valley) and era (the 1970s) he grew up in, with Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper, and Benny Safdie.

Joshua Riveras' opinion on why it merited to be the Best Picture

Licorice Pizza is a film about two young people who are attempting to make a living off of something they've never done before. This is the tendency that makes comedies, which is to suggest a palpable effort. But it is also a story about two young people who are attempting to make a living off of something they've never done before.


Where to find the show: Apple and Vudu are available for rent for $6.99.

Rebecca Hall (The Night House) plays Margaret, a well-known pharmaceutical executive and single parent whose carefully organized existence is thrown into chaos when David (Tim Roth) returns to her.

From our research:

Resurrection is bound to be divisive. It's actively trying to enrage its audience, which some may find more troubling than anything that actually happens in the film. However, regardless of whether or not the film is appropriate to their liking, the fact remains that this is an audacious film that invites viewers to take its hand and plunge to some particularly frightening, disturbing, and grotesque places. It holds on with a hold that makes it seem like a movie.

Thirteen Lives

Where to find Prime Video content: Available for streaming on Prime Video

Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen, Joel Edgerton, and Tom Bateman star in Ron Howard's latest film.


Where to Find It: Apple TV Plus is now available for streaming.

Luck, a computer animated fantasy comedy set in 2022, follows Sam (Eva Noblezada), the world's so-called unluckiest individual, who unwittingly stumbles into a centuries-long conflict between the forces of good and evil luck.


Netflix has a list of available shows to stream.

The Villainess director Jung Byung-gil's Korean action film caught our attention when the teaser was released in July, and its finally out to wreak havoc on your thoughts (and possibly literally) in the case of the protagonist. Get your popcorn ready for thrilling action sequences filled to the brim with high-wire stunts.


On Peacock, where to watch: Available to stream.

The latest horror film from Blumhouse Productions is set at a conversion camp, and it is the directorial debut of three-time Oscar nominee John Logan (Gladiator, Skyfall).

Minions: The Rise of Gru

On Amazon, Apple, and Vudu, there's a $19.99 option to rent.

Minions: The Rise of Gru, the fifth installment in the Despicable Me film franchise and the harbinger of many, many memes, follows the story of a young Gru (Steve Carell) and his journey to supervillainy with the help of a colorful army of mischief-making minions.

From our evaluation:

Minions: The Rise of Gru is a good choice due to low expectations. Its not necessary to be groundbreaking, unique, or even particularly funny to make a splash in a dry summer that usually features big blockbusters. In that respect, The Rise of Gru is a decent film that isn't a teeth-gnashing pain.


Where to find it: Netflix is offering a streaming service.

This German dark comedy follows a con man who seems to be dictated by karmic balance, and who tries to mitigate any bad events that happen to him just to be safe. When he falls in love and joins the mob, things become much more difficult for him.

Dont Blame Karma!

What to watch: Netflix has a streaming option.

Netflix. This week, not one, but two karma-centric films.

This Mexican romantic comedy follows a fashion designer who is convinced she has terrible luck and believes her younger sister is blessed with good fortune. That belief is tested when her sister and an old crush get engaged.

Wedding Season

Where to Find Netflix Content

Tom Dey's romantic comedy (Shanghai Noon, Failure to Launch) follows two young people who are under intense pressure to get married. They decide to fake a relationship ahead of a series of weddings to attend.


Where to find Netflix content: Available for streaming

This Hindi dark comedy follows a woman who finds her alcoholic and abusive husband unexpectedly leaving her. The woman and her mother track him down and exact their revenge.


Where to find the show: Shudder is available for streaming.

Allegoria, a horror film about a heavy metal anthology, follows an actress, a painter, a sculptor, and a rock band as their troubles, fears, and fears manifest into a slew of terrifying creatures.

What Josiah Saw

On Shudder, there's a place to watch it.

Robert Patrick and Nick Stahl star in this horror film from Vincent Grashaw, which has been touring the festival circuit. Five times, it won awards, including Best Cinematography at Screamfest and Best Actor for Stahl at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Where to find them: Available on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu for $19.99.

Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, and Lambert Wilson star in the third adaptation of the 1958 novel. She is Mrs. Harris, a cleaning lady and a widow who receives a long-awaited sum of money after her husband died in World War II. She decides to use it for a trip to Paris, with a particular emphasis on Dior dresses, a favorite of hers.

Gone in the Night

Where to find the best content: Available on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu for $6.99.

Eli Horowitz and Winona Ryder have teamed up for this thriller set in a cabin in the woods. Kath (Ryder) and her boyfriend are surprised to discover another couple in the cabin theyve rented, and Kath is even more surprised when her boyfriend leaves with one of them the next day.