Season 5 of Virgin River: 8 Things We Know So Far About The Series

Season 5 of Virgin River: 8 Things We Know So Far About The Series ...

Virgin River Season 5 became available on Netflix on July 20. If you are anything like me, you binged all of the episodes until the shocking Virgin River Season 4 conclusion, and are already eagerly awaiting news on what we can expect from the next set of episodes.

Get ready to see the sun set on a mountaintop, because weve got some information on the return of Virgin River Season 5, some plot details already, and much more info below!

Season 5 of Virgin River will premiere in July 2022.

Virgin River has been a great help to us once a year since it first arrived on Netflix in late 2019, and we are fortunate to have Season 5 delivered on time. On July 18, 2022, right as fans were becoming closer to the premiere of Season 5, Netflixs Tudum (opens in new tab) site announced that production for the next season should have already begun!

The Main Cast Is Returning

We saw a screenshot of the cast's first table read of the season, which was done over Zoom, and the entire main cast of the series was present. This means that Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel), Martin Henderson (Jack), Annette OToole (Hope), Tim Matheson (Doc), Zibby Allen (Brie), Benjamin Hollingsworth (Brady), and Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie) will all be returning.

Season 5 will include Mark Ghanime (Cameron), Kai Bradbury (Denny), Marco Grazzini (Mike), Chase Petriw (Christopher), Teryl Rothery (Muriel), and others!

Virgin River Season 5 Will Have 12 Episodes

Virgin River provided a lovely surprise in Season 4, and delivered two more episodes than usual, compared to the 10 episodes we got in Seasons 1-3. Now we know that Season 5 will follow suit, and we may get another 12 episodes when Virgin River returns. According to Glamour, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith said: "The longer the seasons, the better."

You might feel that [we had more time] a little bit in season four, with those two additional episodes compared to just the 10 already. We've been mindful of that as we've been arching out all of the seasons.

Season 4 is definitely moving along at a good pace, so its good to know that the writers will have more time to tell all of the stories they need to tell in the future.

Theres No Time Jump Between Season 4 And 5

Patrick Sean Smith is the new showrunner.

Many TV enthusiasts don't pay attention to the showrunner on their favorite series, but fans should know that Virgin River will have a new showrunner for Season 5. Sue Tenney, who acted as showrunner for Seasons 1-4, is now taking over.

Virgin River Will Be Louder In Season 5

Now, onto the plot elements that we can expect to find in Virgin River Season 5! Smith stated that the next season will continue to provide fans with those comforting feelings that we all crave, while also upping the ante to offer something louder.

We dive into new and exciting topics that may not be the same as earlier episodes, but are certainly taking a different approach to some of the stories. Not to the detriment of the show's comfort. I want it to feel like season five is next-level.

I like the sound of that! One can only hope that Mel and Jack will finally exorcise Charmaine, but there are certainly other big conflicts to come.

Denny's Life With Huntingtons Disease Will Be Explored

In the very last moments of the Virgin River Season 3 conclusion, Denny appeared as Docs' surprise grandson, and continued to be surrounded by suspicion for most of Season 4. However, he admitted that he was unaware of his fatal diagnosis of Huntingtons disease, and we will follow him in Season 5. Smith told Entertainment Weekly: "He no longer has this condition."

Season 5 will give us a better idea of who Denny is and what he's going through, and the relationships that he forms as people in the town and those close to him in his life start to strengthen those bonds. It's easy for people on the outside to observe, particularly a life-threatening illness, and make judgments about how that person lives their lives. But I don't think that a show which prides itself on being both surprising and comforting, would approach that subject this season.

Come Season 5, I think most people will want to be fully on board the Denny train!

We may discover who fathered the Charmaines Twins, but we may not.

Charmaine finally revealed to Jack and Mel that she was the father of her twins; this is not Todd, because she was so certain that he would divorce her. Will we learn who the twins' father is?

I was like, 'Well, what do I do with that?' But then do what the show does so well, which is carry mysteries for many seasons and questions and keep the audience guessing. It's definitely something I'd rather hold off on and not waste.

OK, sounds like another multi-season, who-shot-Jack style mystery. Get up and strap in, friends! However, know that if Mike turns out to be Mike, I will not be surprised!

Season 5 of Virgin River is shaping up to be a fantastic one, and we'll keep you updated on any new information as soon as it becomes available!