Kelly Clarkson Refuses Legal Attacks Against Her In-Laws

Kelly Clarkson Refuses Legal Attacks Against Her In-Laws ...

Kelly Clarkson, a former Voice coach, became well-known after winning American Idol in 2002. Her first song, A Moment Like This, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that same year, according to

Is Clarkson a Millionaire?

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Clarkson was already a household name when she joined Starstruck Management in 2007. Narvel Blackstock is the company's current CEO. Through her involvement with the business, she met her now ex-husband and father of her children, Brandon Blackstock. The couple divorced in 2020, but they still have legal battles.

Former in-laws of Clarksons are attempting to sue the 40-year-old pop culture icon for millions of dollars, alleging that they are the ones who are responsible for her stardom and success. According to legal documents obtained by Heavy, Starstruck Management claims that in 2007, Starstruck agreed to manage Clarksons career. Like any other client, Starstruck developed Clarkson into a world-class performer.

Lawyers for Starstrucks claim that Clarkson has now owed millions of dollars in commissions to the management company, not only for what they have done for her during the 13-year period since she signed with them and her divorcing Blackstock, but also for any future earnings.

According to People, the attorneys for the Blackstocks said in 2020, Kelly is regrettable for once more attempting to avoid paying commissions that are due and owing to Starstruck in an effort to gain some perceived advantage in her ongoing custody and divorce proceedings.

Clarkson Fights Back with Countersuit

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Clarkson claims she does not owe anything to Starstruck, and she is not stepping down. In fact, she has filed a countersuit, alleging that the Blackstocks' allegations were incorrect, as was their authority to practice as talent agents.

Brandon and Narvel Blackstock, who have denied, were promoted to positions on the talk show, according to the outlet. Clarkson is also accusing them of violating the California Labor Code by procuring, proposing, promising, or attempting to procure employment or engagements.

According to reports, Clarkson has demanded that any and all agreements, including their reported verbal agreement in which she agreed to pay them 15% commission on her gross income, be declared null and unlawful.

Starstruck filed the original lawsuit in 2020, but it is likely that it will continue to go on for at least another year. A new judge has been appointed, the Honorable Wendy Chang, which is likely to have contributed to the delay.

Brandon Blackstock, the ex of Clarksons, who is also the son of country music sensation Reba McEntire, is well-known for dragging out lawsuits. The issues relating to the marriage's end are still lugging themselves into the courtroom. Their most recent battle even caused the court to postpone his retirement.

The next hearing in the Starstruck case will not even take place this year, it is now scheduled for March 27, 2023, according to The Sun.