Cookie Clicker's Secrets to Sugar Lumps

Cookie Clicker's Secrets to Sugar Lumps ...

Sugar Lumps are a Cookie Clicker currency that only becomes active when you bake at least one billion cookies in total. These little lumps are beneficial in terms of improving the operation of cookie-making structures, allowing late-game equipment, and enabling spell effects.

Growing Sugar Lumps

After earning your first billion cookies, a small, seed-like white circle will appear on your interface, directly beneath the Stats button. This is your Sugar Lump plant, which will gradually grow new lumps, which may be harvested at different stages.

By clicking on a mature Sugar Lump, you get a 50% chance to get a lump. You may retry a failed harvest an infinite amount of times by refreshing the Cookie Clickers browser tab, as long as the game hasnt been saved after the harvest. On the other hand, a ripened lump will fall to the bottom of the screen and collect itself, achieving 100% success.

The spawn chances of the remaining four lumps are determined by chance, including the Meaty Sugar Lump, which will only appear during the Grandmapocalypse.

It's an understatement to say that these lumps grow gradually. A freshly planted Sugar Lump takes around 20 real-world hours to mature, or 43 hours to mature. This growth will continue throughout the day, even while the game is closed.