In Hard West 2, all Chapter 1 poker cards are identical

In Hard West 2, all Chapter 1 poker cards are identical ...

Hard West 2 is a strategy game that revolves around strategy and it becomes apparent how strategic you need to be in the first chapter. You will need to pay attention to your posses equipment, who to take into each fight, your loyalty, and how many Poker Cards each posse member has in their hand.

All Chapter 1 Poker Cards in Hard West 2

In the first chapter of Hard West 2, there are 13 poker cards that you may find. Each of these cards will grant the character who holds them stat increases and bonus traits, making them one of the more useful items in the game. Keep your eyes on them as you progress through the chapter.

After you wake up from your battle on the Ghost Train, find the undead that is thrashing around while tied to a pole and the cards are sticking out of its chest.

Continue through the first chapter and complete Boomtown. Mervyn will be willing to assist you in escaping the valley if you obtain his harmonica from the mine. No matter what interaction you have at the mine, you will end up getting the cards.

After helping out Mervyn, he will reveal a hidden passage at Whissel Point. Take the secret passage and you will be challenged to battle the enemies in the area. You will win the Poker Card.

This card will be part of the story. After meeting the tracker, you will travel to the Sacred Site. Complete the battle here to get the card.

Later in the chapter, you will be assigned to visit Calla Calla, where you will be engaged in a gunfight, and the reward for accomplishing it will be this card.

Visit the spirit totem and enter Flynn's dream. This will initiate a scenario. Complete the main objective of the scenario to obtain the card.

Complete the side objective of picking up Flynns diary pages in order to obtain the card during the scenario at the Spirit Totem.

After a while, you'll begin a scenario at the OKane Farm. Completing the main objective in this area will earn you the Queen of Diamonds.

At the end of the chapter, you will return to Boomtown and have one last scenario where you need to find a Syphon. You will receive the card for accomplishing the main objective in the scenario.