Only true fans can understand these 8 hilarious Xenoblade Chronicles 3 memes

Only true fans can understand these 8 hilarious Xenoblade Chronicles 3 memes ...

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a funny game that fits into the whole series. It has its fair share of action-packed and tragic moments, but the characters are also funny. Sometimes the humor does not naturally come together with the story. Fans may infer their own words into the series through memes.

Thanks to fans' support, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available. Do all of these memes make sense? No, but that is the beauty of the medium: creativity. They are here to stay. There will be story spoilers in the first third of the game.

8 Lelouch Strikes Again

Fans of anime should familiarize themselves with Moebius' eye-controlling technique. Code Geass is a classic mech-based series from the 2000s about a young man, Lelouch, who acquires the ability to control people with his eye. He has to be specific in how he utilizes his ability.

It's too hilarious for words to describe how Lelouch would fit in this spooky world of mechs, monsters, and conflicting nations.

7 My Flute Will Go On

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 soundtrack is one of the most amazing things about the game. Most often, Noah and Mio send people off to the afterlife with their instruments. The melody is inspired by the iconic flute solos from Titanic, like the one from My Heart Will Go On.

Noah supporting Celine as she sings this epic tune of lost love is funny. Is Celine aware of video games or anime for that matter?

6 Tentacles

The designs of the Moebius transformations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 resemble some of the angelic creatures from the Bayonetta series.

After looking at this meme about the form Consuls O and P evolved into, it's difficult to unsee. This is comedic gold, and the next sequel may give a shout-out to this game in October.

5 Bridge Baby

One of the game's first cutscenes depicts the Queen of the Keves nation using some form of magic to enrol children in tanks. The liquid, or the tanks, have an orange glow; the same glow is used for the Bridge Babies in Death Stranding. So, it's easy to see how fans might imagine the Queen summoning Bridge Babies to appear before her.

As messed up as the narrative about these children is, it's not quite odd enough to have Noah carry around a baby attached to his side. That would be a completely different RPG experience.

4 Main Characters Dont Wear Helmets

If a main character in a video game, anime, or other game shows their face, there are very few exceptions, such as Mando from The Mandalorian or Master Chief in Halo. In the case of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a random soldier wearing a helmet probably means they will die.

Main characters should wear helmets because it makes no sense that they would be able to survive longer on the battlefield without them. However, how would fans get to see these anime-like heroes and heroines? That's where the problem arises.

3 Metal Gear?!

Venom Snake would be going wild in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as there are Metal Gears all over the place. Guernica Vandham is fun to imagine as Snake since they have similar characteristics from the designs, particularly the model from Metal Gear Solid 5. Guernica wears big goggles and has a huge scar on his face, as well as an eyepatch.

Noah and the others take on a more anime-like version of Sahelanthropus in this game.

2 Hand It Over

The various Consuls in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have the ability to control others with their eyes. They engrave images of shadowy black figures on Noah's bodies, implying that they are enemies. This meme depicts Moebius making Noah look like Soras' shadow form from Kingdom Hearts.

A Keyblade integration into this game would be a great idea for a DLC collaboration. A good portion of the original Monolith Soft team started at Square, so the possibility of them joining forces to create a game isnt out of the realm of possibilities.

1 The Sending

Another Square connection fans have made is that the sending process Noah and Mio perform is reminiscent of how Final Fantasy 10 is laid to rest. Yuna can be seen dancing beside Noah and Mio as they play their flutes for the dead in this meme. Perhaps thats what the game was created by.

If only Noah could be able to play his flute to summon creatures like Ifrit to the battlefield. It's great, but being able to fuse into mech-like outfits is also cool. Could Yuna take on Noah and Mios mech forms in a duel?

The Switch version of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming out on July 29, 2022.