Doctor Who: The Modern Series' 5 Worst Episodes

Doctor Who: The Modern Series' 5 Worst Episodes ...

Doctor Who is easily one of the most popular and successful science fiction television series of all time. It has been running since 1963. And, although the program took a break for a few years, the fandom never gave up enjoying it. Thanks to audio plays as well as books from the Doctor Who universe, the show has never given up on its quest.

The Fourteenth Doctor is expected to appear in future seasons, but before he does, it's as good a time as any to catch up with the older episodes. However, not all episodes of the modern Doctor Who series received favorable reviews, so the viewers should be cautious which one they watch. Even Doctor Who has its flaws, at least according to fans.

5 The Timeless Children (Season 12, Episode 10)

The viewers were eager to see each episode, considering the popularity of Doctor Who. However, the season's last episode always received an extra boost and often good ratings from the audience. However, this is not the case for the final episode of the twelfth season. The Doctor confronts one of her most famous adversaries, the Cybermen, and winning might seem impossible for her.

While many people were appreciative of the return of fan-favorite villains, the fans weren't as enthused about the fact that the story rewritten the classic Doctor Who and altered the canon. Anyone who decides to do so risks losing the long-time fans who will not accept it.

4 Arachnids In The UK (Season 11, Episode 4)

The Doctor loves to return to Earth frequently, and the United Kingdom is her favorite country. However, one such trip to Yorkshire proves to be problematic when the Doctor and her companions discover something amiss with the local spiders. People are often afraid of spiders, and the episode exploits it to its advantage.

The appearance of giant spiders may have given rise to a compelling horror story, but the fans disobeyed the fact that the plot had logical flaws. According to some fans, the dialogue was poorly written and the conclusion was unsatisfactory.

The Tsuranga Conundrum (Season 11, Episode 5)

The fifth episode of the eleventh season didn't receive much attention either, as the previous one. This time, the Doctor and his companions are trapped in an unfamiliar location, and they must survive and stop the creatures that threaten them all. Some fans found it difficult to describe them adequately and become invested in their destiny.

Others like Jodie Whittaker's Doctor but they're dissatisfied with the narrative that's overly descriptive and uninteresting enough. Whatever the case, the episode at the very least demonstrated that the new Doctor is capable of working with other people, other than her companions, if the circumstances warrant it.

Sea Devils: Two Legends (Season 13, Episode 8)

One of the lowest-ranked episodes of the modern Doctor Who is also the last one released, according to the critics. The episodes examine the Doctor's actions, most importantly the sequence where she explains things that are obvious to everyone.

Others disapprove of the CGI quality and compared it to much older films. Fans of the classic Doctor Who series were initially looking forward to the return of the sea devils, who were well-known monsters in the classic Doctor Who series, but their return left a lot to be desired on the internet.

1 Orphan 55 (Season 12, Episode 3)

The current seasons of Doctor Who have failed to hit the mark with the general public. Orphan 55 is the lowest-ranked modern Doctor Who episode right now. Even though it employs a tried-out concept where the Doctor and the companions go somewhere to relax but instead end up in trouble and confronting monsters, it didn't seem to work in this episode. The fans were quick to point out that the episode lacked the familiar charm and humor that had previously been present.

According to them, the idea of the episode sounded good on paper, but the end result failed to deliver. The plot didn't always make sense, and once again, the monsters weren't impressed by the viewers. They had issues with how the characters were created, as well as that the characters acted differently than they were in previous episodes, which wasn't the reason why Doctor Who fans became so popular.