The PS5 Restocking will be released on August 8th. How to Get an Invite

The PS5 Restocking will be released on August 8th. How to Get an Invite ...

On August 8, Amazon will release a new wave of PS5 consoles, and you may get an invitation for free.

After all this time, you're not alone. However, as we enter the second half of 2022, you'll be glad to know that Sonys hardware is improving at least.

After almost two years on the market, the PlayStation 5 is finally becoming simple to grab each time there's a new restocking. And Amazon is now offering regular restocks directly to its customers.

But if you dont want to wait, this Best Buy Toggle Trick will get you a PS5 console today!

When Is Amazons Next PS5 Restock?

Amazon has confirmed that it will no longer sell PS5 consoles on Monday, August 8.

Standard Disc versions or consoles that have been officially bundled with Horizon Forbidden West will be offered.

According to the console on offer, those who are invited should expect to pay $499.99 or $549.99 respectively.

To be eligible for Amazon PS5 restocking, make sure you have registered with Amazon!

  • To get an invite to buy a PS5 on August 8, youll first want to head to and sign in to your account.
  • Find either the PS5 Console page or the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West page.
  • Then choose Request Invitation, in the area where youd usually see an Add to Cart button.
  • Once youve requested your invite, all you can do is wait!
  • Those that receive the invitation via email will have 72 hours to complete their purchase.

If you are just signing up now, there is no guarantee that you will get an invitation to the PS5 drop on August 8th.

However, Amazon appears to be currently offering regular restockings, with its most recent invites going out on both August 1 and August 5 last week.

Make sure you follow the directions above, and it won't be long before you get your new console.

If you aren't lucky this time, don't forget that there's another store that sells PS5s in-store every day!