Pool Movies That Will Make You Never Jump in the Deep End Again: Cause of Death

Pool Movies That Will Make You Never Jump in the Deep End Again: Cause of Death ...

Hotels, campgrounds, and abandoned hospitals can instill fear upon sight. But what about swimming pools? A haunted pool in a school can be equally as horrifying as a life-threatening event. Annihilation transforms a dried-out pool into a deadly, fungal death scene.

From neighborhood community pools to backyard retreats, pools have a lot of amenities. So too do the dangers. Make sure to avoid all and any obstacles that might arise in the following watery death traps the next time you dip your toe in a pool for a summer refresher.

Annihilation (2018)

Something is amiss in the world. Along with the other women in an expedition group, Lena (Natalie Portman) notices the strangeness within the Shimmer. Plant and animal life change in ways that aren't biologically possible. As night falls, they retreat at an empty military base, searching for a camcorder.

Lena and her group discover the dried-out pool where the footage was recorded. The fungus-covered skeleton appears to have exploded and frozen in place, like a morbid work of art.

Is Your Fear of the Dark?The Dead Mans Float (Season 5, Episode 1)

A youngster jumped into a school pool in 1954, believing it was a great idea. Something pulls him down and leaves it to decay behind a hidden door. Fast-forward to 1994, when Zeke (Kaj Eriksen) discovers it and decides to go to school with his crush, Clorice (Margot Finley). It's a great spot for her swim team to practice.

Clorice allows Zeke to float in a raft to calm his anxieties. Something attacks. The haunting in Poltergeist(1982) occurred because of houses built on a cemetery. In Dead Mans Float, the school was built on land that was originally intended to lay people to rest.

Shivers (1975)

A parasite, part aphrodisiac and STD, enters an apartment building called the Starliner. No one is safe, not even elderly neighbors, young couples, and children. It's a science experiment that went wrong, or right, depending on the goals of the mad scientist who triggered it. Which isnt too surprising given that it's an early film by director David Cronenberg.

The pool at the complex becomes a messed-up mess. Nearly all of the Starliner residents are turned into sex maniacs. By kissing, consensual or not, the parasite infects the next host. One victim is thrown into the pool, and all of the lustfully infected jump in and surround the unfortunate victim.

The Final Destination (2009)

The Final Destination franchise is all about the complicated game to collect and recollect the next name on the Deaths list. Laser eye surgery. Elevator doors. A dentists chair. So it was only time before Death took a breather. Hunt (Nick Zano) sees the premonition that saves lives; now he has to try to keep them alive.

Hunt activates the drainage system to the country club pool accidentally, sealing his fate. The force to the suction pulls him down, pinning him there. It's enough of a worry that Hunt is positioned in the right way that suddenly his insides meet on the outside.

The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018)

Three killers stalk two siblings in a trailer park. Luke (Lewis Pullman) tries to hide as two of the killers hone in on him. He stumbles out to what eventually becomes the public pool. Palm tree signs and a speaker light the area.

The Masked Man (Damian Maffei) swings an ax, narrowly missing Luke each time. They thrash around, then the Masked Man pulls out a knife. Bonnie Tylers vocals are clear and then muffled as the camera emerges and submersges with Luke. Once again, drowning is the next possibility. The tropical neon lights and the '80s pop rock needle drop create a fever dream with a slasher spin.

The Haunting Hour Pool Shark is stalled by R.L. (Season 1, Ep.18)

Kai (Booboo Stewart), the son of a community pool owner, does not walk by the water without having flashbacks that keep his aquaphobia alive and well. He dreams of Nanaue, a creature from Hawaiian mythology that is a man on land and a shark in water. His father, Lonny (Patrick Gallagher), doesnt like that his son obsesses about these frightening stories. But Kai cant let them go.

Kai discovers something in the public pool one night. A fin slides above the surface and then below before anyone else. It's Kai's responsibility to put an end to the pool-loving shark, hopefully without getting snuffed out like Quint (Robert Shaw) from Jaws.

Sinister (2012)

Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) discovers film reels in his new home, a place where a family recently died. By doing so, he teaches the audience to watch the disturbing footage. Pool Party 66, like the other films, depicts a family enjoying everyday moments before it switches to a murder.

Ellison notices a white face in the corner of the picture, possibly a mask. Its underwater, causing the face to appear distorted in the first look at boogeyman Bughuul. Every reel in the game is made more disturbing by music. It's powerful, so it's ideal to build the dread for this reel as well as the next.

12 Feet Deep (2017)

Bree (Nora-Jane Noone) swims at a pool while waiting for her sister Jonna (Alexandra Park). The two sisters try to free the pool from a grate, but the material traps them in and wont break, no matter how hard they pound on it. After an extended holiday break, McGradey will not be rushing back.

Diane Farr is hired as a janitor and, because letting the sisters free would be too easy, she has certain conditions. Seeing how many different things can-go-wrong and will-go-wrong scenarios in the same movie with Tobin Bell almost makes this a Saw spinoff. Only a minor intervention is made. It's all a test of endurance to see if they can make it.