Jason Blum "Understands" Why 'Batgirl' was canceled

Jason Blum "Understands" Why 'Batgirl' was canceled ...

The recent decision by Warner Bros. Discovery to cancel the Batgirl film has shaken the industry. The unprecedented decision has not only left the actors who are working on the film shocked and saddened, but also prompted many individuals to express their own opinions in response to the news. It's also reported that David Zaslav's decision has almost pushed DC Film president Walter Hamada to quit the studio.

Batgirl is one of many who have faced the consequences of the latest Warner Bros. and Discovery acquisition. Since March, the new regime has made many significant changes in the studio, such as eliminating most of the scripted material, changing the hybrid release system, and more.

Blum revealed in a recent interview with Variety that he understood the studio's decision to cancel the $90 million project that was nearing completion.

I was surprised by it, but I understood why they chose to do it. You have a new management, so they want a fresh start and to brand DC in a certain way.

"We borrowed the French auteur system for very commercial filmmaking," said the director, "We give them more control than they normally get in Hollywood, but they must also give us something," according to the film "The Black Phone." The film was made for commercial and critical reasons, and it grossed $143 million at the box office on a budget of approximately $18 million.

Blum explained that while explaining why he chose WBs, the way studio filmmaking works is correlated to budget, the more costly the film, the more time the director is planning to get their way. On a $4 million movie, the director spends 100% of his time researching and writing.

Blum's comments perfectly match Zaslav's aim to cut costs and only release what the new regime believes in. While it is certainly sad for fans, the cast, and crew of the Batgirl in a long run, the strategy appears to be aimed at dispelling fan concerns about the current DC content strategy.

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