Taron Egerton Explains His Surprise at the Black Bird Finale Fight: It Was All Up for Grabs

Taron Egerton Explains His Surprise at the Black Bird Finale Fight: It Was All Up for Grabs ...

Black Bird has been like watching a Masterclass in acting, writing, and toxic masculinity in the first place. I would do the story if I could make it about misogyny,' Lehane told IndieWire via Zoom. The series has certainly accomplished that goal, portraying a cocky drug dealer turned informant (Taron Egerton) who is attempting to dethrone him.

The relationship between Hausers Larry Hall and Egertons Jimmy Keene has always been about sussing out each others motivations. But with the conclusion, You Promised, Jimmy has to get a confession from Larry by any means necessary. It wasnt something Egerton felt comfortable showing up casual for. We didnt know what the physical aspects of it would be like. We didnt know if it would be a battle between us.

Egerton wanted to keep it simple. What is the narrative that were told during this moment of violence, said the actor. I felt for the storytelling that Jimmy should be stripped of any strength that he has, according to Egerton. It's the moment the audience recognizes the perceived meek and mild Larry for the true monster that he is.

Egerton wanted to use the series themes of misogyny and violence against women. My intention was to have Jimmy sit underneath Larry at the same time. He said you feel him [Jimmy] be overpowered.

Egerton said he hated reading the finale script, especially at the moment when Jimmy, trapped in solitary confinement, asks the guard for a pen and paper to draw out a map before Im of no use. Hearing that scene brought the actor back to the series beginning when he questioned whether he could continue playing a so fucking insufferable animal in the first episode. Can I keep him with me for this long? he said.

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The darkness of the storytelling and the characters pushed everyone involved in the project to become sober. Hauser apologized to his daughter for being difficult to deal with while he was working on the series. Egerton felt the series allowed him to get away from his own difficulties in life.

Lehane refers to Egertons first scene opposite Sepideh Moafi as something drawn from his own life. Everything I said was so cliche, it was so embarrassing. Now I just go, Oh, she was implying that you don't see women. You see dolls, you see swimsuit models, you see prettiness. You don't see a person.

Lehane doesnt want his series to be overly current, but he points out that the current times are causing artists to focus on toxic masculinity even more. This is part of the reason why the finale episode of his series is called You Promised, because he sees men in this country falling back on. They are owed by women. They are owed by everyone who isn't white.

Black Bird is now available on Apple TV+.