Everything You Need to Know About The Idols in Saints Row

Everything You Need to Know About The Idols in Saints Row ...

The Saints are back on the streets, with players joining them before they are officially the Saints.

The Idols are a group of anti-capitalist anarchists who stand between the Saints and their goal.

The Idols Are More a Cult Than a Gang in Saints Row

The Idols are more a social media-oriented cult than a gang, as a whole. They come together to abolish the system, where they acquire territory and wealth, and they commit crimes as a result. They are, at best, hypocrites, and, at worst, how many older generations imagine the modern-day millennial. They want to create a post-capitalist world, but they do not have a panacea for it.

The Idols' main source of contact is via parties, raves, and social media, where they market themselves. This is illustrated in their strange and unhinged weapons, including rotating batons that resemble strange lightsabers. As followers become legion, they lose even more of their identity, with the leaders of the Idols becoming known as The Collective.

How The Idols Oppose The Saints

As players know, each of the main characters in Saints Row (except Eli) is associated with one of these gangs at first, with Kevin being a former Idol before forming himself in with his friends in the Saints. However, what exactly and how this ties into the story remains to be seen. The Saints appear to be the most prominent gang in all Santo Ileso, and that would likely affect The Collective's anti-capitalist society...not that it has much vision beyond the next

Saints Row is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X on August 23.