The 6 Best Servants in V Rising, Ranked

The 6 Best Servants in V Rising, Ranked ...

In V Rising, it's tempting to go full Vlad and do all the work, but it's still a survival game where automation and other menial tasks must be delegated to servants. Besides, it can get lonely, especially in singleplayer. Players will want their dominating mortal servants to keep them company, but in V Rising, players will have to be picky with their servants.

The more special or rarer ones will help players win siege defenses or complete missions much faster. These types of servants are the ones that are most likely to be used by players who want the greatest of humanity's undead bloodsucking lords.

Despite some of these servants being relatively rare or difficult to dominate, they may still spawn with random blood quality. Players are advised to aim for the highest blood quality percentage possible when searching for a servant of any kind.

6 Nuns

When confronted with players wandering around in villages or assaulting locals, nuns tend to scream out loud. Due to their ability to heal other humans, they are most desirable as servants. They are also very adept at healing the players' grunt servants.

For better results, players may want to look for nuns who carry staves around. They tend to have excellent healing abilities and they have Sacred Resistance, making them suitable for certain missions. Other than that, nuns are also excellent looters in the Dunley farmlands, so they'll typically return with useful resources when sent on missions.

5 Cleric

Consider nuns except they are better fighters and tend to be tanky, at least in V Rising. A lot of them spawn with the typical sword and board setup and can be difficult to kill due to their inherent tankiness. Moreover, they tend to come with packs of footmen that can buff or heal their companions while staying on the sidelines.

Clever servants make for a solid servant in V Rising. They have a small but adequate amount of physical and spell power, making them ideal as all-arounders. In V Rising, it's best to pair them with footmen or other brute characters if you want a self-sustaining army.

4 Priest

When it comes to combat, priests aren't as tough as clerics, but they stand out on their own. Their specialty lies in summoning structures that will attack players, as well as sending god's wrath down to any target, preferably heathens and heretics. But the times are changing, and they don't mind striving for the spawn of Satan.

They're excellent at dealing damage from afar. That means they'll work well as ranged units once the grunts are tanking enemy attacks during sieges. Plus, strategically sicccing them against other players in multiplayer can help immensely. However, high-quality ones tend to be fragile.

3 Sword Knights

When players see them, they'll recognize them. They're the knight variations in V Rising who carry long, two-handed swords and attack relentlessly like there's no tomorrow. For many players, these guys can be challenging to fight in melee range especially if there are multiple of them attacking from different angles.

These knight forms are commonly found in big cities, such as Silverlight. Players can go around dominating several of these guys in order to transform them into the front lines of their mini-army during missions. If paired with a cleric or nun, they can deter attackers.

2 Paladin

When it comes to melee fighters in V Rising, the paladin is at the top of the food chain. They walk around equipped with shiny armor and hulking hammers. Although they strike slower than the sword knights, each hit does more damage.

Moreover, they have a more dynamic and interesting set of abilities and abilities, making them more mobile or capable than mere knights. That's why any player in V Rising will want to dominate just about any paladin they see in the game or keep replacing them with higher-quality versions, regardless of the circumstances.

1 Lightweaver

Due to their evasiveness, these annoying, teleporting mages are a problem for a lot of players in V Rising. They're also difficult to kill and, as such, difficult to dominate. Yet, players will want one in their retinue. Having only one lightweaver in a castle can dissuade other players from invading it because of the attention and skill required to take them down.

Lightweavers will unleash their large area attacks that are difficult to dodge, especially if there are many of them. They aren't really that tanky, but the teleport ability makes them appear tougher than they should be.

V Rising is now available on PC in Early Access.