Fallout 76 Location at West Tek

Fallout 76 Location at West Tek ...

In Fallout 76's wastelands, there are a slew of locations that you may want to avoid. For instance, the West Tek Research Center, where your character has accumulated enough levels, is a great place to start. Bring some damage-resistant armor with you when you go.

West Tek Research Center location

The West Tek Research Center is one of the easiest places to find on the map due to its proximity to a hospital-style structure. This region is unique in the world as there isn't much around it as well.

In the Savage Divide area of the map, you can find the West Tek Research Center south of the National Isolated Radio Array. The Savage Divide region of the map is the tan strip of land that runs between the Forest and Mire Regions.

What to do at West Tek

West Tek is a place you may visit quite often. The mission that brings you here is called The Catalyst. If you decide to complete Sofia's quest line, West Tek may be a good fit.

The West Tek Research Center is packed with Super Mutants that will not be able to see you when you arrive. This area is fantastic for scrapping steel scrap. There are also magazines and a bobblehead in the building.