Logan's confession is spoiler for The Bachelorette episode 5

Logan's confession is spoiler for The Bachelorette episode 5 ...

Moving on to ABCs The Bacheloretteepisode 5 this Monday, you will still see a great deal of chaos. Consider this the end result of the theme for this season continuing to put a lot of people in difficult situations. For Gabby and Rachel, youll have a small pool of guys that leads have had in the past. Meanwhile, youll have some men who just cant decide where their true heart lies.

Logan, who has been in contention for Rachel's heart the previous two episodes, will do his best to return to Team Gabby. This is the sort of thing that might have a major impact on Rachel's life, especially when you consider her reluctance to accept rejection.

We do know that she has a good date on the way that might lift her spirits! (For more on that, visit the link here). Check out the whole The Bacheloretteepisode 5 synopsis below with some additional information all about the future:

1905Gabby and his 14 remaining men continue their seaside journey across Europe, arriving in a city known for its rich history, romantic flair, and spooky chocolate and beer: Bruges! When Logan decides to confess feelings, Rachel makes a shocking choice that sets the ship, and all of its leading ladies, spinning. Later, the women will attempt to shake off the surprises of the week with one-on-one dates to remember and a memorable rose ceremony.

We wouldnt be surprised if Logan was ejected totally by the end of this episode, but it sounds like a adramatic(of course) Rose Ceremony is on the way.

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