Yor Forger: 8 Things Only Manga Readers Know About Spy x Family

Yor Forger: 8 Things Only Manga Readers Know About Spy x Family ...

Anya Forger has easily become the star of the Spy x Family. She is the most featured female character in the marketing department, and she receives a lot of screen time. Loid Forger, the one who created the family to begin with, also receives a lot of narrative development and focus. However, often the family's mother, Yor, ends up being the one with the little focus placed on her in the anime's only 12-episode run.

The Spy x Family manga currently has far more content than the anime has adapted, and Yor has received much more attention in these chapters. So, there are now a number of anime fans who are yet to learn about Yor.

8 Shes Prone To Jealousy

The Forgers are a fake family, although every viewer wishes that they would one day become a real one. So, any suggestion that Yor and Loid are developing feelings for one another is valuable.

Yor's feelings are put on trial by the arrival of a Loid's organization female spy who is attempting to take her away. Despite not knowing this truth, the presence of another woman is enough to make Yor shiver, even making loid believe she is falling for him when she drunkenly inquires if he has feelings for the other woman.

7 Shes Good On The Defensive

Yor has already shown her to be a lightning bolt with her ability to dodge a dodgeball with enough force to smash trees. Despite the focus on her offense, she has also been shown to be a formidable protector.

Yor spends a lot of time on the defensive, defending two persons from a stream of assassins in one of the best manga arcs so far. In this arc, she is shown to be able to use her strength and instincts to something other than pure destruction, often having to fight while thwarting any attacks on the family she is protecting.

6 She Work For An Organization Called Garden

So far in the anime, Yor's assassin work has been a major mystery. No one has fully explored his motives yet, but the general public knows who he works for.

The Garden, an assassins' secret organization headed by Shopkeeper, an obscure figure who loves gardening, has been revealed in the manga. Even Loid feels tension when Franky names them to him.

5 Theres Another Assassin at Her Cover Job

Yor's assassinations have been well documented, and some anime viewers may assume that she keeps her secrets hidden from all of her coworkers, but there's still one more Garden assassin at city hall.

Matthew McMahon is the director of policy at Berlint city hall, but secretly, he is a Garden operative. They work well together on the job, covering each other's backs, and McMahon even takes on the role of cleaning up the blood when Yor spills it.

4 Shes Really Bad At Cooking

The anime has already mentioned and demonstrated how well Loid can cook, but it has yet to go into greater detail on why Loid is the main cook in the family, specifically, the fact that Yor is actually a terrible cook.

Her pragmatism means she only cares about the raw ingredients in a meal, not the appearance or taste. Her food is absolutly revolting, so much so that only her brother can stand it, as he is already used to it.

3 She Wants To Cook

Yor seeks out some cooking instruction from one of her coworkers, knowing that her food can be as deadly as her punches. Miraculously, she is able to cook a dish that her family would rather not have to take to the ER.

It morphs into a simple stew her mother prepared when she was younger. This is important because, for the time being, she is thinking about flavor and appearance. This implies that if she has a strong memory of something, she is perfectly qualified to cook.

2 How She Compares To Other Assassins

Yor, as strong as she is, has only been shown against lower-tier foes in the anime. One might wonder if she is truly an exceptional assassin, or if there are others around to compete with her.

Yor is pretty much assassin as Loid is a spy. Which is to say, she might be the finest around. During a bodyguard mission on a cruise ship, she is forced to confront a swarm of expert assassins, and is able to dispatch all of them with only minor help from McMahon and Anya, demonstrating that she is truly a world class assassin.

1 She Has A New Student

Anya being taught by Yor in both the art of combat and dodgeball is one of the best episodes in the anime so far. However, the manga has introduced a fun twist; another student for Yor.

Becky Blackbell is Eden Academy's only current friend, after a series of hilarious miscommunications. She decides to stay strong and Yor agrees to teach her, so there will be two dangerous girls there now.