The actor from Schitt's Creek has landed his next lead film role

The actor from Schitt's Creek has landed his next lead film role ...

Emily Hampshire, a model for Schitt's Creek, has been chosen to direct a new film titled D-Day.

This one, described by Deadline as a "raunchy female comedy," combines the writing talents of Becky Mann, Audra Sielaff, and Andy Roth (One Day at a Time), with directorial debutant Betsy Thomas behind the scenes.

Hampshire, who has also been recognized by Mother! and Prime Video's next supernatural chiller The Rig, will play Kate in this sexually inexperienced and recently divorced woman.

Kate's particular standards don't make the process easy, yet she's still determined to make her ex's wedding day her very own D-Day.

"I'm so honored to work with Emily Hampshire, who is extremely talented, to bring this hilariously bizarre script to life," Thomas wrote in a brief statement.

Hampshire herself has previously suggested that the creative team would collaborate on a similar project in the future.

"There will never be another show," she said. "I'm not saying, 'For sure this is happening," but I'm sure because I know and love these people that we'll do something like that, get together and make a movie."

David West Read, the writer of the sitcom, is currently working on an Apple TV+ adaptation of The Big Door Prize, which will star Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd).

This documentary, which consists of ten episodes, chronicles the arrival of a mystifying machine in a small Louisiana town and its effect on the locals.

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