The Metroid Dread Samus Aran Colored Figma Prototype Has Been Revealed

The Metroid Dread Samus Aran Colored Figma Prototype Has Been Revealed ...

Samus Aran, a space action hero, is back in action, but this time in a different form for all fans to enjoy. Metroid Dread players may want to dust off space on their shelves for this new addition to their Metroid collection.

Following the events of Metroid Fusion, the Metroid series is a well-known Nintendo gaming franchise that has seen its fair share of merchandise, and it was only a matter of time before fans were surprised with more collectibles. In Dread, players saw Samus travel to planet ZDR to investigate the possible survival of the X parasite, in ways that might lead to merchandise opportunities.

Good Smile Company has announced their new Metroid Dread figurines on Twitter, indicating that fans are ecstatic at the sight of the high quality products. Figma means that the figurines are as accurate as possible to the characters, and is described as incorporating both beauty and articulation. One of the characters is Samus Aran, who is based on the iconic E.M.M.I robot from the game.

Good Smile posted a link to its website revealing where fans may find the figurines, as well as a showcase of its other collectibles, such as Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and games such as Death Stranding, Little Nightmares, Elden Ring, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Good Smile is bringing the most detail-oriented figmas that maintain the original art style of the franchises to Tokyo on August 6 and 7, so some fans might be able to see these figmas in person if they happen to be in the area. TheMetroid Dread figmas are not currently available on the Good Smile online shop, even in pre-order form, so fans will want to keep an eye on the site for further updates.

Metroid Dread is now available on Nintendo Switch.